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  1. I went through the process of tos, but they wanted me to fax forms and fund the account. I am just looking for something simple, where I can exchange some basic info, open account, and start paper trading.
  2. I am interested in day trading and would like some advice on various free simulation/demo accounts that I could use to begin papertrading. Once I get comfortable in the demo account and I learn more about day trading, I would like to work with with a prop firm such as cy group and starting making real trades. What I am looking for is an simulation/demo account that is going to be as close as it gets to real live trading and having a real account with prop firm/or general retail account. Meaning something that will give me access to stop/loss, p&l statements, etc. I have seen a few places mentioned such as interactive brokers, infinity trading, ninja trader, etc. All I am looking for is something free that is very similar to the real thing. Thank you for the help.
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