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  1. LOL I’m doing good. Haven’t been posting much on Traderslab. Been posting some on elitetrader. Mitzy still around?
  2. He will be missed. A great trader and teacher. His knowledge stays with us. That is part of his legacy.
  3. Yes it will be a landslide.
  4. This was an easy trade even for a dipstick like me. I have marked up the OP's chart. Why make it hard? Price nearing end of day been in a range for quite some time. Odds donot favor a breakout before close. Range behaviour is race to the top..reverse race back down and race to the bottom..repeat.....ad nauseum until a B.O. succeeds. The idea is go long at bottom of range. Short at top. 70% to 80% of B.O. fail. They may break above or below the lines but usually price get pulled right back into the range. This was few years back so i have no idea what actually happened but i would guess price went up to at least or near my x on the chart and maybe to the top of the range before reversing again. The tactic is go long somewhere in the circle area on the chart. Also, any dipstick can see that the red bar in the circle showed buying pressure coming in at the close. Unless, the dipstick has chicken sh$t in his/her eyes. What else does one need? Price in a range..Buying pressure at the bottom. Nearing end of day.
  5. For Mit... 1) Do you think the amount of money put into an equation has any connection to supply and demand at all? 2) Define supply and demand. What creates it? 3) Does supply and demand have anything to do with price? If so how? Thanks! Good to see you back. I been have been gone a long time.
  6. of course you are correct. i didn't actually mean only two. You got darks..pools...trading on insider info...etc I was speaking in general terms.
  7. Institutional traders are of two sorts. Those that trade on fundamentals and those that use technical analysis. The fundamental determine the general trend and the technical determine the "path" of the general trend. That is, over the long haul the fundamental institutions determine the longterm trend and the technical institutional traders determine the shorter trends. Hft's are a type of institutional technical traders that micro scalp. Nearly all technical analysis is mathematical in nature. So yes, the technical institutions look at charts and trade patterns. They especially pay attention to support and resistance. Fundamentals pay more attention to value. When they think it is cheap they will begin buying in quantity. When they think it is overvalued they will begin selling. However, generally speaking, it is the technical institutional traders that drive the mark to the undervalued levels and to the overvalued levels. Institutions trading on value will load up their positions when they think the appropiate value has been reached. The markets move because of institutional size trading. The chart leaves their footprint. They cannot hide it. As Mit says "everything to the left in a chart is free info" it tells you what they are doing if you know how to read it. News, in general,m is useless because there is always a bearish interpretation and a bullish interpretation of it. Take the brexit thing. Bearish...now recovering...soon to be bullish..the charts will show it all and tell you all you need to know.
  8. Great decision by Britain. Nothing bad of any consequence will come from it. Much good things will come from in in the near future. Smart decision.
  9. been rambling around..happy new year to you also! Heard any more from mitsubishi? He must have sailed off the end of the earth?
  10. true true true..manipulation has always been and always will be, however, there are times of concentrated manipulation that when over drastically generates big price moves. I have been to central america then..south america ..argentina..land of <<el che>>. Now back in usa in mississippi. Soon to go to alabama. Hope the crimson tide wins national championship again jan 11 in college football.
  11. Manipulation....will all change as soon as it ends..
  12. LOL waiting for the $2000 per ounce. Are you ready? Might want to make haste!
  13. Tell that to chicago.....or mexico..
  14. golf clubs work according to MM but who runs around with golf clubs unless we could talk all criminals into commiting their crimes at golf courses.....LOL :rofl: :rofl:
  15. you might wish to make haste and buy the stuff as price may very well ...soon and very soon ..go north traveling at a rather rapid sustained pace
  16. Odds favor the next two or three daily bars being up..
  17. yep sell me your gold cause prices are going up...hidden. message in forecast :rofl: :helloooo:
  18. Maybe they don't know how to read a chart? LOL :rofl:
  19. Gold will most likely head back up now over the next few daily bars. There exist a small chance of one more little push dwn before it heads back up but the odds favor it heading back up with or without another push down.
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