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  1. Volume Spread Analysis If you wish to attend the funeral, then register here. Sebastian
  2. Dear friends, Tom Williams passed away Monday night 7th Nov 2016 at home in Worthing, he was with Dallas his long time companion, and Gavin Holmes. He was like a father to me and I will miss him more than words can express. His funeral will be next week. Rest in peace. Sebastian
  3. Well, I had no choice but to play along to gavin's tune at those seminars, I don't like standing up in front of an audience at all, i'd rather be behind the scenes. The seminars were done on a weekend, because it would have been almost impossible to get the nembers there, they did say they enjoyed it very much, I realise that you have to study in hindsight as I had to do. I would print off charts and study them intensely until the penny dropped. A customer of TG coined the phrase, chart reading machine, I personally am not keen on it. Sorry Taksuki, I got it wrong, the thread showed your name, not Monad. I can read the live edge consistently, and have done it many times, and I don't need to prove it. Why do you hate TradeGuider so much? not everyone likes Gavin's style, I must admit, but he is a salesman, and that's what salesmen do(I think) Regards Sebastian
  4. Hi Tasuki, A very intresting post I see that you have made. Well it is interesting that you think I can only read the market in hindsight, there are many people at the boot camp that would not agree with you, Eiger was there imputing the trades live, not me, and I called the market up from the start, and then all the way down after 12.00 PM. I even had to explain again for the video. Unless you have concrete proof that I can only read charts in hindsight, I would like to suggest to you that you refrain from this misleading banter. http://www.tradeguider.com/emailshot/bootcamp_2009/vsa_course/index_uk.htm Also, I have been aproached by a Hedge Fund Manager who wishes to engage me as an analyst, this will happen in September, so reading a chart in hindsight is of little value to a professional trader, and this will be the most valuable insight as to how a market is manipulated I can imagine. Regards Sebastian
  5. Hi; I have a little difficulty with your text, 1st is that you will NOT see a 'no demand' bar after a shakeout, not weakness. The market is now primed for a rally as the herd have been shaken out of their losses, a key ingredient. A; This bar is a test after strength has appeared, the previous bar is simply that professional traders wait to see the reaction of the shakeout, they do not want supply to get in the way of a rally, as it is unproductive and not good for profits. As we now see a test at A, we can now assume that the market is strong. After a shakeout, we look for confirmation that this shakeout was genuine and not false, this test gives us a major clue. B; This is another sign of strength, because the price is marked down into the bar of A1 bar, as you can see, the volume on this down bar is lower than on A1, next bar is up, and the bar to follow is narrow, on a down bar with a slight increase in volume. The market needs to continue to test on the way up as it does at point C. You need to look at the unfolding story and not get bogged down in 1 or 2 bars. If you see a low volume up bar after a shakeout, assume the market is resting after the effort, if there is no confirmation, the market may very well go sideways. Regards Sebastian
  6. Thanks, I moved it to the correct one, must have slipped to the wrong chart. sorry. regards Sebastian
  7. test bar has to make lower low than previous bar The low for me personally should be higher than the previous low. how do you well-define previous selling area where should be dip test-bar For a successful test, we must have strength(always on down bars) in the background. Regards Sebastian
  8. Hi everyone; I was not looking for praise, but thank you anyway. I am a straight shooter when it comes to questions that are put to me. I just said what I felt I had to say. Thank you once again. Sebastian
  9. Hi Speres; I assume that you are referring to my status quote, I just don't think there is anything else I can learn, I think I have reached the end of the road, and I have to say I am disappointed because life is most interesting when you are trying to overcome a hurdle, Tom Williams cannot teach me anything, he cannot find any faults in my analysis, can any of you out there teach me something about VSA technique I cannot see in a chart for myself? So now what? do I just turn that knowledge into a fortune? I don't need anyones else's money, I have more than enough for my needs and wants, so will I be miserable for the rest of my life? Gavin wants me to run the educational side of TradeGuider, I have agreed to work for them on a part time basis. Everyone in this room is talking about success, or trying to find it, but how many of you are thinking about the consequences of that success, and what will you find in yourself if you then arrive at that success? will you become bored of trading? will success make you slack in your discipline? For me there is no challenge in reading the market anymore, no struggle to make me feel excited, I have thought of finding someone who has decimated their account and replenishing it for them, but what would that achieve?, be warned that if you reach the top of your tree, what expectations will you have then? That is the reason for my status quote under my name. I am currently writing a book similar to Tom's, but explaining all the principles that Wyckoff wanted the public to understand, going into great detail, better than any book I have read, giving hundreds of charts in greater detail than my PDF postings last November, I am hoping that I can help someone with no experience to become someone who can support themselves financially on their own two feet, through the book and training videos, then I might not have a reason to exist after that. And Tom has been asking me to write a book for the last four years, so I caved in. Best wishes to you all. Sebastian
  10. Hi Guy's Late buying on the close today ES contract, should mean higher open Thursday. Regards Sebastian
  11. Hi Dandxg I`m glad you like my videos. you should rate them for others. Contact Gavin for Aspen. Regards Seb
  12. http://www.videos.traderslaboratory.com/view_video.php?viewkey=33bc65bf8d78622277c4 Eiger; There is nothing difficult about reading your chart, I have uploaded a video for you to view. I did not look at the date(20th feb), I thought it was from the 24th June. I had an email from Gavin, look forward to meeting you in Aspen best wishes Sebastian
  13. Eiger would be most welcome to take over, I like nothing better than the quiet life, the spotlight can be turned very quickly. Gavin and co are planning another seminar in colorado this October, Eiger, if you wish to send Gavin some charts, I think he would contact you, but beware, your free time would be gone.Best wishes Sebastian
  14. Don't take offence from my post, it is not mean't to be offensive or rude, but we must consider others with less background than ourselves, in time this will change. Regards Sebastian
  15. This evening, I am going to concentrate on the daily chart, because I think it is more intresting than the intraday chart. Today we had a down day but look at the close, it is close to the close of the previous day, but the volume is high, this tells us that there has been support at the lows of the session, also that the low of the previous bar has not been broken, this is a potential sign of strength, yes there is still supply around, but buying off the lows we should be alert. If thursday is an up day, then danger for the bears, we would be then looking for a low volume down day to follow, closing off the lows on low volume, this would tell us the the lower trend channel could be revisited, look for signs of strength as it approaches the lower trend channel if this happens. we would be back into an up trend, and the news channels will of course be well behind the curb as usual. Non farm payrolls on Friday, this could push the market up and through the lower trend channel, after a shakeout. There was late buying in the last hour of the trading on the 10m chart, meaning Thursday could open higher on the open. Regards Sebastian
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