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  1. ECN is Electronic Communication Network that could make all order process in broker sistem more fast and quickest. Its great technology from broker. This ECN is dedicated for scalper, and have low spread, especially in ECN/STP account of Liteforex broker. ECN trading account on Forex from LiteForex
  2. "No Gun No Crime No Death No Violation" Do anyone here agree with this??
  3. Trading alone will improve your emotional focus while trading but you can't correct your mistake and even your errors in trade. I think that have senior trader is needed to improve our skill.
  4. Is it possible that AMP a white label brokerage??
  5. For trading platform, i just recommend MT4. its more compact and have a lot of tools to improve our trading strategy. For broker, I recommend Liteforex, Mayzus, and Fxpro. These are best broker and have trusted credibility among traders
  6. Trade in zulutrade is have lack there, we can't open more than one orders within a second. we must wait for more minutes to open new orders. I tend to trade in PAMM of liteforex broker, there are many super professional trader that become the trader manager there..
  7. It could be like that, Or may be they want to cheat the broker and get the profit more huge.. For me, I always use stop loss, because its important and make more safe my account. I've done lite this in Liteforex broker for 5 years..
  8. If i've gain many profit from trade,,It will be more happy and very relax.. I can breath and nothing that should be thanked,,,
  9. I'm seeing and learning here guys..
  10. I never reading this book, but im so curious about its contents.. Trading for living is very good job,, I need to know how they do it..
  11. Hello,, where is this broker based?? Is it from russia or usa??
  12. Hmm..., i've join in this broker. there are so many bonuses for us, they also give us a chance to get the prize in contests. For newbie, they can follow and participate in demo contest, its really free and do not need fund there. For master, they can participate in World Challenge Contest which the prize is Mercedes Benz s400. It's great contest from this solid broker.. lite forex is so awesome broker...
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