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  1. Hi HighStakes, Is there any way to prevent the programmer to re-sell your "system" to others ? ~~~ Happy Trading ~~
  2. starbucks

    Money Manager

    Hi Christiangross, Thank you so much on your kind advice. I agreed with you. if we manage small fund government would take action againt us, once the fund the will come with hard action then the fine will be bigger.
  3. starbucks

    Money Manager

    Which broker would you recommend, btw, I'm not US citizen. What the impact if NFA take action like my 1st post mentioned.
  4. starbucks

    Money Manager

    ya, Oanda will ask you to sign some forms to declare that you are CPO etc something like that, but we are not CPO etc so how to over come this.....
  5. starbucks

    Money Manager

    Hi Obsidian, Thx for the input. I think POA is not enough because it just authorised us to trade for clients. Correct me if am wrong.
  6. starbucks

    Money Manager

    I read an article in Forex Magnates today that NFA goes after PAMMs and money managers. link : http://forexmagnates.com/nfa-now-goes-after-pamms-and-money-managers/ Does any one know that is it illegal to be a money manager to trade for clients in Interactive Broker - Friend & Family program and Oanda fxTrade Manager (less than 15 clients) without register with any regulated body ? Is there any way to be a Money manager without register with regulated body ?
  7. Who is the most reliable live data feed provider ?
  8. Hi Traders, I come across this broker in one of the website. They claim they are real DMA (Direct Market Access). Anyone of you guys have account with them, are they "GOOD". ?
  9. Good day traders, Anyone here deal with MF Global for Futures Fx and Spot Fx before ? Am thinking to open account with them, would like to hear your experience with them regardless of bad or good.
  10. Anyone here trade with MF Global for Futures Fx and Spot Fx. Maybe you would like to share your exprerience with them here.
  11. Hi Mark,


    Do you familiar with Power Language in Multichart ?






    ~~~ Happy Trading ~~~

  12. Hi Ivan, I totally agree with what you said. I'm in the same position with John ( mid life crisis ) In fact, what you mention is better than a lot of "GURU" . ~~~ Happy Trading ~~~
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