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  1. ForexTraderX, when do you open your live trading room? Thanks.
  2. It is simple, Huddy took the money and ran. He is not the first or last sleazy trading vendor that does a disappearing act with other people's money. I've seen this happen too many times over the years. This is the reason I personally do not trust most trading vendors and view them as being worse than a used cars salesman.
  3. DbPhoenix, do you require a specific number of bars to form to determine a swing high or low? I ask this question because when looking at a chart some swing highs and lows are larger than others, some are obvious and others are like mini swings. Thank you.
  4. Hi Max,


    I am having problems signing into Skype and can't retrieve password because it is connected to an email address i no longer use. Please add me to again to trading room under username nycdweller. Thank you.

  5. sure i skyped you im moscow man in skype

    or mike sues brother

  6. yes, a skype trading room?

  7. Hi Jessechan, Can you please provide a little information about Vadym Graifer's "Techniques of Tape Reading" book? Is it useful for daytrading and in what way? Thanks.
  8. Almost all of the information I've seen about using volume while daytrading is on interval charts (second or minute charts). I recently discovered that I can add volume to my tick charts. Is there a difference in the way volume is presented with interval charts verses tick charts? Is volume on a tick chart just as accurate as it would be on an interval chart? Thanks.
  9. Thnickster, what kind of realible signals do you use for trend change and small moves? Thank you.
  10. Bootstrap, What do you mean by Support = 3- SMA (Highs) - ATR(5) Resistance = 3-SMA (Lows) + ATR(5)? Can you please post a chart with your indicators? I tend to understand stuff related to trading better when I see a chart. Thank you.
  11. This is the spam I received today from Nitjfer: nitjfer: How a $5,000 Account Grew to $38,572 in ONLY 34 Weeks - Proof!
  12. Firewalker, what exactly do you look for when watching volume? Thank you.
  13. Hi Namstrader, I hope I'm not asking for too much. Is it possible that you can post a chart illustrating your points? Thanks for the commentary. Mario
  14. Hi DbPhoenix, In one of the threads someone stated that you use a method of trading with a 5 second chart and watching the volume to determine when the market might turn. Where can I find your illustration of this concept? i tried the search feature but it didn't return anything. Thanks for your help. Mario aka NYC Dweller
  15. Where can I find Dbphoenix's illustration of the 5 second chart? Thank you.
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