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  1. time flies, and i'd been trading forex for several years, i can not remember eaxctly when to start, but i'd rather say it's not easy but worth my time.
  2. The following is the new 100% Credit Bonus from hotforex email excited, hhu? ------------------- Dear Client, We are excited to introduce our new 100% Credit Bonus which essentially doubles your trading power when you make a new deposit. As quite possibly our greatest and most generous bonus offering so far, clients can enjoy the following key benefits: Protection from Margin Calls and Stop Outs during Drawdown periods Increased Leverage Full bonus amount withdrawal under the right conditions The bonus is applicable on all new deposits of $100 or more and is available from today for a limited time only. Please visit our website for more information. If you would like to take advantage of our exciting new 100% Credit Bonus but do not have a Live Account yet, you can open one in just a few minutes by completing our secure and convenient online application form.
  3. it's all because of the margin calls which you can make full use of the leverage to maximize your fund and the result will be the possibility of high profits or high risk.
  4. Anybody here use hotforex's new myhotforex platform? the dashboard is clean and well designed, and most important feature is their instant money transfer, cool.
  5. My current broker is hotforex, which is STP broker, you can have a try to see whether it's your fit.
  6. ZuluTrade is a P2P on-line trading network. The service works by allowing investors to mirror the trades of professional investors. If you follow the right guy, it will be more easier to get a stable return.
  7. I understand, zulu is a platform collaborating with many other brokers, HotForex is one broker that provides ZuluTrade Forex Signals, I am also studying on this.
  8. Do you know they are also on zulutrade too? anybody had experience on zulu for hotforex?
  9. yes, more and more people will join in this market as the economy is more and more globalized.
  10. Always do not put all your eggs in one basket. you should scatter your risk and balance them well.
  11. I guess you are not scalper, what currency pair do you trade? is it profitable? any withdrawal experience from hotforex?
  12. How is your performance on the demo contest? do you often participate in demo contests?
  13. I joined the demo contest, i think it will be a good start for you, you can check their demo contest pate to know more about it. there will be several rounds, and top prize for each round will be USD2000.
  14. Anyone received email from Hotforex about the new Demo Contest ?
  15. many people had good replies here. basics are easy to learn. more important is the self-control and the understanding of the trading.
  16. Lurk before you leap, you need to read more posts and you can judge truth or false. trading is not so complicated, learn the basics of trading knowledge, make sure you find a good broker as the first step, then develop your own trading strategy. actually the most important is to control your emotions so that you won't kill your account easily.
  17. Riadh, I think you'd made a wise choice. I had a PAMM acount on hotforex too, I opened it in the end of last November and added some deposits there. my total investment is about USD3000, and current the balance is about 3800, i think the return is really not bad and the risk is not too big as we do in our normal accounts.
  18. I have a PAMM account on hotforex and it's not bad. I am wondering what's your second question is?
  19. xuzhu

    Starting Forex

    Obsidian, I am similar as you. I know EA can help a lot and machine can work without emotions. however, trading shall be controlled by human finally.
  20. xuzhu

    Starting Forex

    VPS is for those who use EAs, it will be very helpful. However. if you are a swinger, you can just work on your own manually.
  21. xuzhu

    Starting Forex

    Read forex reviews sites Reading forex forums threads Learn MT4 Start Demo Prepare Money Live...
  22. My advices are simple 1. Learn necessary skills 2. Develop your own strategy 3. Set Realistic and Reasonable Return rate 4. Control your risk
  23. You can try pipsology at babypips the best school is trading itself and you can get improvements by yourself. read more threads in forex forums beginners part will be helpful
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