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  1. I guess the important thing is not to overeat, as for me when I'm stressful the best way for me to relax is sport and good sleep.
  2. for now yes really good earnings I am satisfied so far but just lastly because I have found a good decent broker ! some months ago and it changed everything !! its really a big difference between a good broker and a scam !
  3. of course I will trade since its a passion for me )
  4. Hello, I heard hotforex got listed recently on GBOT I guess its a great move and now they are among the 21 top brokers in the world , I am really happy and proud some how as I have an account with them and its my main trading account !
  5. Hello, anyone tried PAMM with hotforex? I wanna open one soon, I cant handle trading for the next weeks I will be so busy with my job. please let me know which trader should open my account under ! thanks
  6. Hello everyone, I am from Algeria I have been trading with hotforex since a while and I have got a job that keeps me busy many hours a day so I would like to invest my funds on a managed account as it turned out to be very profitable with steady income somehow ! I am sure that I want to open it with hotforex but I dont know under which trader I should open my account, I really need some help here from people who have already tried it, please tell me how much did you deposit and how was the profits monthly ... or weekly if possible. thanks
  7. did you hear that hotforex have been chosen as the best broker company in Asia for 2011 .. great I have watched this video some hours ago and they even promise to release a debit card for clients so they can transfer their money from trading accounts to their cards for use easier
  8. Hi I am from Algeria, I have been with hotforex since half a year and I have experienced good times with them also hard times at the end of the year ) because of disconnections but all in all they are decent broker and I would continue trading with me without any doubts )
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