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  1. Here's my feedback: There is too much censoring and deleting of posts on this site. I'm not irked at all by the deleting of posts that I consider rather mild. I accept that as the prerogative of the owner to run the place to his standards and taste. However, I come from the view that sometimes trading personal insults is a necessary part of communicating, and there are some people who simply cannot be communicated with but only ridiculed. Apparently, that view is not condoned here. Therefore, I will exercise my prerogative as a free user and move on from this site. There are no hard feelings whatsoever, and my decision is based on the fact that time is valuable and limiting myself to just the one trading message board I started with is probably a good thing. Cheers.
  2. My last comment was meant in response to your post, but it went into the edit of my prior post. Got too complacent from the midday lull and PM lull. Of course a lot of players are on the wrong side from yesterday and would still be short today. A squeeze into the close was on the table but I wasn't thinking clearly there.
  3. should have paid more attention to the short covering into the close.... weekly now sets up as a reversal long...but will still play for p2 and hold the 1 contract into Sunday... would add again around 59 but nephew's account is too small to carry 2 ES into weekend..lol yeah I fucked up on fading the pm BO...got complacent, friday pm, etc....too early on the p2 swing trade and shut my own trading down too early so i missed the short covering run into the close....
  4. Alright I am making a "call" short ES 52....1 contract in my nephew's account..lol PS. Not a day trade...will hold past today's close
  5. I take it that you were not remiss ignoring the following comments that leave a really lousy impression of your business practices? I am quite enjoying your explanations, so please put forth your best effort on that one. This thread is better than the RTD comic strip and I would request MMS to not delete posts so quickly before people have had a chance to read them.
  6. No, it does not mean the best way to learn is for the person to figure it out for himself. It means mere suggestions are not worth much and may even be misinterpreted and therefore worse than not suggesting anything at all. I have stated more than once previously what I consider the ideal conditions for transference and won't bother to repeat them here. In any case, there's nothing wrong with moving on if a person can't figure out how to trade for himself. I think the vast, vast majority of people struggling and searching for answers are better off moving on to something for which they are better suited.
  7. Vendors are already regulated. If you have any doubt about that, look for the ubiquitous disclaimer that EVERY vendor is careful to include with all of his material. What the OP is suggesting is more restrictive regulation, perhaps similar to requiring a series 7 license for a kid fresh out of college to give financial advice and sell financial products to retirees. If the purpose is to make more jobs for regulatory agencies, that would be a fine idea. If the purpose is to protect people from their own stupidity, it wouldn't do much.
  8. I enjoy trading but I don't think I love the markets. I can see myself learning programming some time down the line but outlining my trading approach here is not in the picture. Time is always the issue. Thus I am limited here to mostly making snide remarks and somewhat staying on topic.
  9. You need to shut up about me going off topic because you are MR. OFF TOPIC himself. I don't have kids but that doesn't mean I can't see through bullshit complaining about kids. Just like I don't have an Italian sports car but I can see through my friend's bullshit complaining about how much it cost to get it back from the shop. Your response extolling the virtues of your kid proves my point! You like the fact of being able to pay your kid's way through expensive, out of state, private grad school. Stop your bitching and moaning and enjoy it! It's similar to my friend who LOVES the fact he can afford the maintenance costs of his baby. The last time we were out for a drive I told him to swing by Costco so I could pick up some stuff. It was a joke because I knew there was no way in hell he would risk the shopping carts. Congrats on having a great kid.
  10. By "change the scale" do you mean changing the bar duration (e.g., 5m to 15m)? To me "scale" means the marks along the sides of the chart. My charts have price on the vertical and time on the horizontal and when I widen or narrow either scale, the lines get adjusted along with the price bars. If changing the bar duration is what you meant, my question is why would you expect your annotations on one bar duration to be unchanged when you change the bar duration? Now, if you're talking about ANGLES, that's a different story.
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