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  1. Peter,

    Sorry about the long delay. I am still at it with various success.

    To complete a strategy in TS you have to fight the data transfer. Arrrg.

    Hope things are well with you also,

    Scott /estate1997

  2. estate1997,

    voice from past. are you still trading?

    I'm still swing / position trading. doing well. added divergence sometime back.

    this really increases the win %

    I should focus a little more on EFS programming,

    but I'm hoping to solve that with Synergy ...as in 1+1 =3.


    I changed mail to petealmeroth AT att dot net


    hope all is good with you estate1997


  3. Logic. I concur and it is not easy to find the correlation but when you do it is gold. The market is rigged from my perspective so you need to look at things not like all the other traders.
  4. daytrader999, From my view point your wandering around looking for stocks. Focus on a small group of stocks and learn how they move. If you see an opportunity today, don't wait till the next day to trade. By the time you enter the move is completed. Make sure your stops are held on your computer and not on the broker computer. Market makers see them and they are easy money for them. Stick to high volume stocks that cannot be manipulated so easy. Learn first on a sim account for months prior to putting cash on the line. If I had only one indicator to use it would be Linear Regression Channel. Set the length to 10 and ATR to 1.1. Good luck
  5. I am glad you like them but i am sorry the code is a mess. Such is the way I think. Scattered. Don't forget to play with the amplitude to tune your charts. Once it is done you don't have to play with it again. Also watch for the color changes on longer charts. It will see things that you can't. I say longer charts as they will bait you on shorter charts and take out your stops. May I suggest putting the stochastic on a 13 or 16 length Kase chart. You should find the big picture trend there. The bottoms and tops are hard to mistake. Best of trading to you,
  6. The purple is divergence, price is increasing/decreasing and volume is going the opposite direction. If I recall correctly the yellow looks at the stochastic and foretells of a change. Depending on how fast you accelerate the stochastic, it sees when it is way over extended. Readings at -33.33 or tops at 133.33 . The amplitude adjustment is to get the plot to move more. If you look at the historical plots you can adjust the height of the plot with these. You can tune the charts and find some very great turning points. A word of caution, don't use a length of 1 unless you want a floating point error which can lead to crashes. Try these. You may find some value. TRADERS LAB.ELD
  7. Try this. No support but has most of the bells and whistles you could hope for. STO HULL V1.ELD
  8. Looks like I messed up again. Back to coding.
  9. I appreciate all your posts and comments. Thank you all. For any of you that stay up late and follow the ES market. I am showing a current high tonight at 1287.50 with a minimum of a 6 point drop. That can change with a single bar close. The low will be revealing or turning point will reveal itself later. I'll post the low if I am still up. I won't know the bottom till I get some bars closing. The purpose of this is hopefully get across that the market is not random as so many believe. Best of luck
  10. I would if I could but they are sitting on a loose hard drive in my closet so I have no available screen shots. Here is another occurrence, a Square of Nines indicator will plot the top real time on the Kase 1.25 chart. It will lead the top on the Kase 1.0 chart. All my post refer to to the ES.
  11. If you look at the above posts I mentioned three people that have found it and we all use different charts. Find the tick feed charts that fit your eye and start to look at the correlations of your oscillator of choice. I tried over 100 of them till I made my own. 15 months from the time I made my own to get here and another 4 months and it should be automated. Nothing in life is free. Expect many false paths but back up and head in another direction. Defeat is found within yourself and listening to skeptics. One last thing, be like Smith Barney and earn it.
  12. [quote name= A really important aspect to the success or failure of a strategy is to many what is the 'peripheral' information. How to make a good system work. Most of you will have heard the trading adage or a variation of it that "No system can win all of the time". Think about this for a minute. Why is that? All things equal' date=' couldn't there be a system that wins all of the time? No. All things aren't equal and the trading landscape is constantly changing and undulating. This is also why markets aren't random as some suggest. Phase Location There are systems that will win all the time. I know of three systems. They are based on momentum bars, Kase bars, and P&F bars. They all use cycles and multiple charts. The only time they will loose is due to operator error in my case. I know that two are working on full automation but it is complex problem to have a program read the numbers like a human mind. If markets are so random, why would I send out an email Thurs. at 5:45 PM telling a few friends that good news is coming and give them a new high target price for Friday on the ES which they hit. They, the people in control set these things up way in advance so traders will buy or sell from their tech analysis. Any randomness comes from stop chasing and poor decisions. An example of their control is price volume divergence. How does price keep going up when everyone is dumping their contracts? The reason as I see it is that they have to hit a certain predetermined price which is set prior to the market turning down. To see their control in Trade Station, use their Mov Avg Exp Ribbon indicator across several charts of your choosing. They will go through hoops to get things lined up for their next large move. One more example is what I call a post. "They will run the price up 4 points and rapidly move it back down. That will be a pivot point for trend lines for a down move. The bottom after a large move always has the same set up with Kase charts. So to wrap it up. yes there is a Grail and your worst enemy is yourself. You just have to pay attention to what they are telling everyone who knows what they are saying. We are just mice to the cats in this game. Good luck
  13. Urma, I think I have to disagree with number 1. If you follow the path and answer the question of why there is divergence in the first place you will find what drives the market. Any of those indicators can be made to to show the true turning point with cycles. Number two. Your volume divergence is a great indication that the market will be changing direction but volume divergence can go for quite a while. The volume divergence is caused by most traders thinking the price direction will change. Why are they wrong? If there are more people selling than buying how is it possible for the price to continue up? Have you ever wondered why that sometimes you will only get one tick at the top or bottom? Why the new low is .25 higher than the prior low on the ES? Why the price can run up and down 4 points in a matter of minuets. Could there be something more powerful than market makers at work? I say yes. Cycles.
  14. You are mostly correct in everything you say and 100% correct in your reality. If everyone saw things the same way it would be a very boring life. Diversity in people is what makes life fun. Can we agree to disagree? Back to the forum; Anyway, I found a programer and he was duly impressed with the results. Its' not Bill Gates but I'll settle with a small percentage of his fortune. Thanks to all and have a Merry Christmas
  15. SunTrader, They may not watch them but they sure know how to manipulate price to get people to go the wrong way and make money. Does a 96% failure rate sound familiar. My views are from the reality as I see it and I believe it is well founded.
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