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    I am a newbie.
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  1. hey, soul i would love to switch place with you. i feel more energy and focus at night. and i have to snap my faces in order to wake up 630 in the morning. :p PS: couldn't trade since last week due to the borke internet cable.
  2. nice trade, Gull. my cable is still having problem and the wireless internet from school is very unstable. guess i wouldn't be able to trade until next week. by the way, what platform did you use. is doesn't seem likes TS.
  3. hey, soul. have you visited china, and access tradestation platfrom in here, i am planning to stay there during summer, wondering if i still be able to trade. thanks.
  4. hey, torero you can sign up hubert first two weeks memebership for 5 bucks. and watch all his video. that would be the cheapest way.
  5. in hub's video, if there is up movement, say 12519, 19, 19, 20, 20,20, 20, 21 ,21 ,21 ,21 ,22, 22, 22, 23 ,23 ,23 ,23 ,24, 23,21, 21,20 ,20, 19, then move low. in there 24 is the token prints. when hub see the token print, he usually will think the prices will go to oppsite direction.
  6. Excellent video. thank you for sharing with us.
  7. cool, i will try to wake myself up early tmr.
  8. sorry, soul . i just fix it with new post " tape". prices reversed at 408 and went up about 80pts.
  9. matdog


    haha, finally did it. the video come from monday 1/5. prices reverse at 408. and went up 80+ pts. tape.swf
  10. matdog


    hey, guys i finally figure it out how to post it. tape.swf
  11. hey, soul. this is recording i did yesterday. this first time i edit recording. hope it works. ps: do you consider this as price rejection. thx:) tape.swf
  12. Hi, soultrader. it's very helpful by watching your tape reading video. would you mind do more video on tape reading. and one question, can you use first 10-30 mins of tape reading to tell which direction is the market likely to go in that day. thank you.
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