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  1. Hi Edgar, The profitable trader can vary and no one can tell you what is average - or indeed what is good and what is great. They can only say what they have achieved or what their friends have achieved. Best trader I know has profited 700% in 5 weeks but the pressure is enormous and he lost half of that in two days. Different methods result in different profits and if you have a good method then stick to it and unless you run into a loss making period that is unacceptable to you, then refine it at that time. Other traders can claim what they want but there is only one person that can judge your system against your profits and that is you. If youd like help with you system I suggest you post your system and let experienced traders give their comments - and perhaps offer advice on how they would trade your system. I'd be happy to help! Be content with your lot unless it is not a lot! Best of luck. TEAMTRADER
  2. I have attached the code for a very good trend indicator. Used with the two upper timeframe indicators it shows accurately what the direction is in both upper timeframes. Importantly it shows when the upper TF's are close to the current TF trend and this often produces a springboard area for the price. MY QUESTION to any coders is :- Is it possible to get a box alert for when the current TF trend crosses the upper TF's. It probably is not but I'd like it confirmed. Thanks. TEAMTRADER. Combo RSI and CCI.mq4
  3. The Scalper trades with lower risk whereas the Swing trader has larger risk (Stop Loss) - so it is highly dependent on the risk tollerance of the trader. Some scalpers can make +500% in 3/4 weeks and others struggle to make 25% in a week. Swing traders can place trades on several charts and make good profits, perhaps not in a week but certainly over a month. The pressure on a Scalper is enormous - that is why they, for my money, are the traders who can make the most. No one can say with any certainty who makes more money over a given period, but short term potential it is the Scalper who will win out - but at a stress cost. I always say, if you can trade the DOW, you can trade anything..... TEAMTRADER TL.pdf
  4. The careful use of divergence AND convergence is my best tip to go bottom fishing. Regards TEAMTRADER
  5. DOW JONES US30 CHART Keep it simple as possible. TEAMTRADER US30.pdf
  6. I've retired from trading now and am concentrating on the basics for an EA. Lagging is good sometimes if you are looking for safer, lower risk trades. But there are other times when the indicator does not lag and shows very accurately convergence points. These are like 'patterns' if you know what to look for. Regards TEAMTRADER
  7. Hi DJohnson, Are you the DJohnson that is part of the Skype Trade Forex group? No, they are in the correct place. The setting of the Stochs is important and also it is the target trade for the settings. Perhaps you thought that it indicates oversold or overbought? This would correct sometimes but the settings of the stoch indicator are to get bigger moves rather than reversals athough it can be used in that way too if that is your target trade. Regards TEAMTRADER
  8. Thank you Obsidian. It looks exactly what I need to trigger an EA entry as I already have an indicator that shows where the trendlines should start. These are the yellow dots on the attachment. I have the idea that if an EA were manually started then it would cut out a lot of the bad trades that EA's have to make automatically. I'll test it when the markets open and let you know how it performs. Regards TEAMTRADER Obsidian.pdf
  9. There is a Demark trendline alert but it does not allow the user to set it up to catch all moves against a resitance and a support trendline that are manually placed. Does anyone know of a trendline alert that is manually placed as BOTH a support and a resistance to get a box alert to say the trendline has been broken? Thanks for anyone who knows - I've attached the Demark indi in case any clever coders can amend it to become manual and give an alert box. Regards TEAMTRADER DeMark Trendline Trader.mq4
  10. Are there any coders willing to take on a complex signal alert? It uses Zig zag code and Fibonacci Fan code. Attached is a PDF and the ZZ2 indicator used. Thanks in advance. TEAMTRADER NEW INDI ALERT.pdf Zigzag2.mq4
  11. TA can be very good indeed to assess the direction of a chart, and importantly, when to buy, sell or hold. Does TA work? Of course it does. It is the search for the nearest to a 100% successful system that drives the trading community. It is when all of the changes are taking place that creates bad TA assessments. TA will never give 100% over a long period of time, but it will cut out a lot of bad trades. TEAMTRADER
  12. This is an illustration of how momentum and divergence are a double edged sword - and importantly, how to see when momentum is decreasing so rapidly on a move that a reversal, or at least a retracement, becomes - almost - a certainty. TEAMTRADER Traders Lab.pdf
  13. There is a lot more to Richard's post than meets the eye. Momentum is a double edged sword and however often something happens, there will always be an occasion when it does not go as previously so you need good stops. If something happens more than it doesn't, then this is a good strategy. How I assess increasing/decreasing momentum is by the smaller CCI as against the larger ones. This can be done with MACD and Stochastic also. A good post Richard. Regards TEAMTRADER
  14. Of course Funds cannot outperform the market - it is the people 'behind' these funds. Funds rely on people with good technical and fundamental abilities. Fundamentals rely on people telling and writing the truth. Technicals rely on people understanding the indicators. People are the key, good people, dedicated people and reliable people. Chose your people with care, not the Fund. TEAMTRADER 'Trade what you see and not what you hear or Hope'
  15. I thank you for your reply. IF I am successful I will post it over the weekend. TEAMTRADER
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