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  1. and will post some charts on aapl, and i'm also beginning to take an interest into forex lol, I guess that happens to every trader
  2. will post more thoughts later tonight on aapl
  3. still holding short on aapl at 435, expecting it to pull back by monday. Given the lack of volume and 460 is an immense resistance, needs atleast 50 mil volume
  4. here you can see that aapl is bouncing on less volume each given day, it broke through the resistance of 435-40 on low volume which is why I shorted. Aapl will likely drop back down to 420-400 on monday.
  5. My current trade is i'm short on aapl at 435, and am almost positive that the stock will pull back heavily tomorrow.
  6. Has anyone tried the bank of america and Merril lynch deal? Apparently if you have a bofa account and open a merril lynch account with them you are given 30 free trades each month indefinitely, or better said that that's what the advertistement says so most likely theres a catch of some sort.
  7. I plan on shorting aapl tomorrow because it broke through the resistance on the 15 min chart on 800k volume which is clearly not enough, when that same resistance had been tested with 4 million volume and 3 mill volume and would not budge.
  8. last friday I ended up shorting aapl at 412 with a stop at 415.5 and a limit at 408 mainly because it was 60/40 chance that my limit order would have been hit but instead I got stopped out and lost a small amount. Didn't worry much as it was a good opportunity because the resistance was so close so I just put a stop over the resistance and didn't risk much.
  9. this week I've only had winning trades althought all of them were tiny gains, such as 3-6 points though it does add up. Planning on shorting aapl tomorrow given correct circumstances and it should at least reach 395
  10. Another question about margin, when I apply how long will it take for me to recieve margin?
  11. Just curious if you guys use any ma, because other than ma I just use price and volume and am pretty good at it I suppose.
  12. hmm, I was under the impression that in all cases the broker can only legally give you 50%?
  13. Current aapl suppport is at 385. Aapl hit that support with 100 million volume on weekly and then 21.7 million volume on the daily. This was enough volume to break through so expect for aapl to break through 385. Also more bearish analysis shows that the downtrend from the 700 high was reached but immediately fell back, here lemme show a pic.
  14. Last week I shorted aapl when it dropped from 418 at about 415 and covered at 406 and then I re-entered short at 399.5 and covered at 395 and then I shorted once again at 396 to 391.5.
  15. I plan on creating a margin account but I will be daytrading/swingtrading and not investing, so how does the margin work if its 50% of the purchased securities?
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