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  1. Weren't we talking about lying? 😂
  2. I agree adults don't need moderators, but serious online forums DO need them. Otherwise they can become crap quickly.
  3. Do you have any data to show? It sounds interesting.
  4. You are probably right. LOL! 🤣
  5. Did not found any of them on the FCA webpage
  6. Being regulated by the CySEC! Are you serious? 🤣 Ok. Let's get serious. Only the FCA is what we can call a real regulator, so could you please name just ONE crypto broker regulated by the FCA? And I said REGULATED and not REGISTERED. You know what I mean. 😜
  7. Just one more question. How many real REGULATED crypto BROKERS can we find? Correct, the answer is ZERO!! Please stay away from trading cryptos.
  8. Really? Some new user with just one single post and 'asking' for info about a concrete commercial forex servides brand? Come on, it smells like spam!!!😡
  9. Can I ask what broker are you using for trading oil?
  10. Seriously? Your link os leading to the first post? Is there any forum administrator reading this?
  11. I found these same posts on other threads. Is there any anti spam policy on this forum to apply here?
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