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  1. Can I ask what broker are you using for trading oil?
  2. Seriously? Your link os leading to the first post? Is there any forum administrator reading this?
  3. I found these same posts on other threads. Is there any anti spam policy on this forum to apply here?
  4. Scalping is the hardest of the hardest in forex. I recommend you to begin with intraday swing trade. You will suffer less...initially.
  5. I pefer to consider how decisive the candle is when looking at the market sentiment at that exact moment. I think it's a more reliable source of information.
  6. Honestly, stay away from cryptos!! They are not regulated. The FCA decided they were gambling, not trading. Are you really ready to lose your money?
  7. Really? A gmail account is your presentation card? No corporative email? No corporative website? Really?
  8. Be aware of it! It's a scalping martingale 😲😱
  9. Didn't know them. Looks interesting. Definitely I'll check it out.
  10. Please don't move close to binary options. They are not regulated anywhere! They are the easiest way to be scammed. Focus on forex, indexes, etc and forget them.
  11. Seriously. Dont even try BO. They are scam. Focus on forex. Believe me, it will pay the effort on the long run.
  12. Are you asking that seriously? 😦
  13. Is the ZuluTrade App really secure? I read it gathers your personal info to be sold to data brokers.
  14. This is the most important one of them all.
  15. Try signalstart.com. They are expensive, but there you can find some really good 100% automatic signals that are worth their monthly fee.
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