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  1. What happened to the reunion? Did it never happen, or did it happen somewhere else?
  2. Hi, thalestrader. It's awesome to hear from you! I hope you're doing well. Please note that I'm not username "humbled" whose thread you were involved with years ago. I'm worried that the several pages of posts from some relative newcomers to the thread may have prompted old-timers to turn their notifications off, and they may not see your post. Hopefully not! I don't want to bombard you with questions, but I can't help but ask a few: - Why no more forex? - Since the days of this thread, have the markets changed? - Since the days of this thread, do you still basically trade the same way? Thanks!
  3. Welp, I actually haven't managed to get any trading time in at all since the trade I posted Jan 24! I will 100% sure be able to trade the full days the next two days, Thur-Fri. Hopefully there'll be some good opportunity I can trade/post! I'm hoping/determined to post something this week to get this thread/project going again!
  4. Whoops, I've basically neglected this thread and trading this week so far. I will fully trade/post Thur-Fri, just like last week. Then next week, I will attempt to trade/post Tue-Fri. Doesn't really look like I've missed much this week anyway. Here's hoping the next two days produce some opportunity!
  5. Nice way to start! Don't get used to it haha. Netted 2.28R. However, I made a mistake with my position size calculation and accidentally only entered at 91.4% of the size I intended, so based on the actual risk rather than the intended risk, this trade was about a 2.5R winner.
  6. Good news is my posts no longer seem to need moderator approval! Beginning tomorrow, I will be day-trading two currency pairs: EUR/JPY and GBP/USD. I'll trade during the morning and afternoon hours, New York time. I'll be using an Oanda "core pricing + commission" account. I plan to trade a "practice account" through the end of January, then a small "live" account beginning February. I've set my charts up to closely resemble the format popular in the RCRT thread (NinjaTrader + MetaTrader). My trading style will primarily consist of what I've learned from that thread. I'll track my performance in terms of R-multiples. The purpose of this thread is just for a little fun with some bonus accountability. I've got nothing to sell/teach, and I will probably lose money! 😁
  7. I was considering posting some charts to this thread, but instead of adding more bloat to this thread, I decided to start a new one. I'm simply calling it "RCRT2," as a continuation of this thread. I encourage future would-be posters to this thread to instead join me over there! Find it here: http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/topic/14633-rcrt2/
  8. I was considering posting some charts to thalestrader's "Reading Charts in Real Time" thread, but instead of adding more bloat to that thread, I thought I'd just start a new one. This post is partly a test to see if my posts still require moderator approval due to my relatively "new" account (it's not that new, but I haven't posted much)...approval can take days, which would sort of defeat the point of posting in "real time." I'll post my "plan" tomorrow (Wednesday), then begin trading/posting on Thursday. Maybe some others will join in the fun!
  9. Hi jfw215, I've never had a trading log...I think you might have me mistaken for username "humbled." Mine is "humblepeasant." I admire your persistence! I wish you all the best! -hp
  10. Wow, it's been nearly a whole DECADE since the "core" of this thread. I think it'd be interesting to hear some reflection from some of the thread's core participants, particularly thalestrader. Do you still trade? Has the method/approach remained essentially the same, or has it evolved (or even been scrapped/replaced)? Do you still trade the same markets...have the markets changed? thalestrader, does you daughter still trade??
  11. Looking for input comparing/contrasting Forex.com and Oanda. Other forex broker suggestions are welcome, too! I'm in the US. Thanks!
  12. I wonder if anyone here uses out-of-the-money options as a catastrophic insurance plan (basically as a WIDE stop-loss...wide so that the cost of the options is minimized...in the event of a major move with virtually no trades along the way). I don't know much about options, and I've never traded them myself. It may in fact make more sense to simply buy calls and puts rather than hold outright positions and use options to control risk...I haven't run the numbers. I would imagine it would be a little more tricky (and costly) to apply such a strategy to day trades. However, depending on the strategy, day trades potentially involve larger position sizes due to the more limited risk in terms of ticks...which means more exposure to catastrophe. It may seem a little extreme/paranoid, but anything can happen. Germany could suddenly, unexpectedly leave the Eurozone. Russia could invade a member of NATO. A US president could be killed. Etc. Very, very unlikely...but certainly not impossible. I have a certain level of risk tolerance (for my predetermined risk when I put on a trade...even with bad slippage). I have a hard time tolerating the risk of undoing years of work on a black-swan single day of trading. Even options don't control for the risk of a brokerage going under. I guess the only solution there is to "diversify" your brokerage accounts. A major catastrophe could potentially cause multiple brokers to go under, however. And before anyone chimes in on this...I am fully aware that the only way to eliminate risk in trading is not to trade. With no risk, no reward (most of the time). I merely seek to minimize risk. Thoughts?
  13. I was surprised to see that, unless I'm just missing it, no one is talking about the recent CHF move at TL? I was lucky (just lucky, nothing else) enough to not be affected by it. I was completely out of the market at the time (and asleep), and I don't trade the CHF anyway. I do trade currencies, however...the EUR/USD, and occasionally the GBP and JPY. Nevertheless, it has rattled me. I am conservative with leverage, but virtually any position at the time would have had a dramatic impact on an individual account. I've been trading for several years now, and always knew this type of thing technically can happen, but I know I personally basically tucked that type of risk away as theoretical, and have never really given it much thought. Anyone caught in the move, good or bad? I've read that some of the more "bucket shop" style forex brokers are forgiving the debt, while real brokers aren't/can't. Anyone know of any other similarly dramatic moves over the past few decades or so, in major markets such as the CHF? Would like to just get a discussion going.
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