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Money Management Risk and money management related topics.

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Re: Best Money Management Strategy in the World

Originally Posted by esam_jir »
I was a day trader for a few years ago, but I couldn't make consistent money from trading, then I stopped. all this time I was thinking that its very difficult to make money from trading without using mathematics in it. Now I found the math of best money management strategy that guarantee to only making money from day trading.

you will be amazed from this math, its like the holy grail.

Since Iam not a programmer and still don't have strategy to trade it, Iam looking for someone to share with him this Math and grow together.
In order to this Math with him I need these requirements :
1. someone to be trust
2. who have a strategy that guarantee no more 4 consecutive losing trades in row
3. risk management at least 1:1 (profit/loss) (no other management rules in the strategy)

Nah. My money management system is better.

Maybe you should hook up with DAVT. According DAVT, DAVT has a holy grail entry system and you have the holy grail money management system. DAVT is also looking for someone. Come to think of it, your post seem extremely similar to DAVT's. What a weird coincidence. But what do I know. I am WeToddDid don't listen to anything I have to say or you is dumber than a WeTodd.
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Re: Best Money Management Strategy in the World

I guess the effective money management is taking risks of 1 - 5 % of your capital and invest wisely after making necessary due diligence.
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Re: Best Money Management Strategy in the World

Originally Posted by Baker »
just go all in every trade, 70% of your account. if you start losing, exit. if you win, let profits run. if you lose, make your next trade be 80% of your account so you make up for your losses faster. if you lose again, go 90% then 100% if need be. you wont fail. you cant fail.
Well that's an interesting tactic. I wonder for how long will your account last this way... Something tells me it will be like first 15 minutes on the open
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