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  1. professional trader doesn't mean that I could make money from trading for long time, its very difficult to make consistent money without Math and good managements. and the mean point as a professional trader not to loss money. cuz as they said 90% loss money!!! yes I will share with u everything, and we will adjust the strategy work great with the management. and if u like we can work as a team.
  2. I was a day trader for a few years ago, but I couldn't make consistent money from trading, then I stopped. all this time I was thinking that its very difficult to make money from trading without using mathematics in it. Now I found the math of best money management strategy that guarantee to only making money from day trading. you will be amazed from this math, its like the holy grail. Since Iam not a programmer and still don't have strategy to trade it, Iam looking for someone to share with him this Math and grow together. In order to this Math with him I need these requirements : 1. someone to be trust 2. who have a strategy that guarantee no more 4 consecutive losing trades in row 3. risk management at least 1:1 (profit/loss) (no other management rules in the strategy) 4. possible to adjust the strategy with my math management. Iam sure combining this Math with the strategy as above will lead to the best trading in the world. If u have the requirement above please contact me Sincerely Esam
  3. HELLO Do u know any body can make a indicator that can plot the difference between to MA’s in percentage. Example if MA1 above MA2 precentage... would be green and if MA1 below MA2 below percentage would be red. Iam ATTACHING THE FUNCTION AND THE INDICATOR THANK U SMTM MOMENTUM MA.ELD Trend MA features and settings.pdf
  4. Hello

    according to ur post "Exchange Tradestation Software for Ninja Trader "

    I have kwikpop for ninjatrader, but i dont have it for Tradestation (that iam using now).

    do u interested in Exchange of Kwikpop?

  5. Sounds good EBTrader, would you like to network togther in our chat room, whats ur e mail? Esam J.
  6. hello any trader who can program indicators to tradestation, if u would like to network with professional traders, plz PM me Esam J.
  7. hello any trader who can program indicators to tradestation, if u would like to network with professional traders, plz contact me Esam J.
  8. HELLO


    can u write easy language for TS?



    Esam J.

  9. hello

    can u write easy language for trade station?



  10. can u give me ur contact info (e mail) ? i'll send u all the info to ur mail
  11. Any skillful person, that can write Easy Language for tradestation ?
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