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  1. I agree Mitsubishi. I have been reprimanded by friends and my wife for sharing something sacred. Let it die and good trading.
  2. I posted the prices for Monday January 3rd on the blog. The prices are the same for today. (3,12,21,30) I posted the grains and they were spot on today. ES had a great cash high of 57 two digit date Not to mention the british pound and euro. If there are any other markets you would like me to list just let me know. As long as I can pull them up with Ninja Trader charts there should not be a problem. Have a great weekend and a Happy New Year. Good Trading!
  3. Grains look good. High on soy 1384 two digit date. High on corn 4 ticks through 21# 624 Low on wheat 21# and high on wheat 7 ticks through 21 # at 795 Today was the first time that I looked at grains in months but my previous experience has always shown the date to work in those markets. I have no idea on treasuries. The #'s are strange to me and are not easy to see. I am going to continue to watch them but I will not post any #'s on them as I do not have any confidence in seeing that market correctly.
  4. Let me try and address the questions. It can be confusing but once you understand it you see the mkts much clearer. First the question about 1/7/2010 The days that you would use these price levels on are 7, 16th and 25th of each month. These dates are all separated by 9 and the latter two added together individually = 7 example: 1+6=7; 2+5=7 This is your two digit date price levels. So whatever instrument you are trading if the last two digits end in that price level then it may provide support or resistance. Now as I have stated earlier if you are trading a stock (which I dont trade stocks so I would only be guessing on price levels) or currencies or the YM you may have to omit the last digit on the right to get an accurate level or you would have so many price lines your chart would be cluttered up. Lets say for example the YM (dow futures) was trading at 11070 on the 7th. Well trading would be easy if all price levels were on the exact date. So removing the last digit you would have 1107 as your possible support and resistance. It would be easier to mask these levels and keep them hidden from the majority of traders if on the 7th of the month the YM traded at 11160 or 11250 and so on adding 9's. Example 11340, 11430, 11520, 11610, 11700, 11790, 11880 and 11970. Now remove the 0 from the end and add the last two numbers together and you receive sums of 7 or 16. This is how you get a two digit date. On the grains or metals or futures such as the ES or TF you do not have to remove the last digit. So for 1/7/2010 your two digit date would be 7,16,25,34,43,52,61,70,79,88,97 Use these #'s next Friday on the 7th and see how they work. Your 4 digit date is different because the total of the price will equal one of the above #'s. Lets say you trade corn and the price is at 304.00 on the 7th. Add 9 to that and you get 313.00 which added together gives you 7 and also 16 and also 34. You keep adding 9's as the price goes higher or subtracting 9's if the price moves lower to get your lines for support or resistance. I dont understand the question about 3 or 21 being reduced. I have seen that the #'s that equal 21 on the mkts. that are traded are powerful everyday of the week not just on the 3,12,21 and 30th of each month. For example corn: 309, 318, 327 should always have lines drawn on them. The YM would be 11460,11550, 11640, 11730 and so on. The mkts have been dead the last couple of weeks so next week volume should pick up and you will have larger ranges and see the markets move off these levels. On my charts I have 3 different colored lines for price levels. One for the two digit, one for the 4 digit date and then the 21# lines. Every mkt that I have looked at the price will move off of one of these levels or all of them at some time during the day. I know it is hard to grasp at first that is why seeing is believing. Good Trading!
  5. I have searched for reading material on this subject and have found none. Gann was the only one that referred to time and price and 9's and he kept all of his information confidential to my knowledge. I was shown this information and see it's relevance in all the mkts. I have looked at. I am convinced that it is what black box systems use because the date would reflect different price levels every day. So it makes sense. I did say there was more to it and it is for people far smarter than I am. Time especially cst since that is what the cme is on will reflect in the highs and lows. Such as the last two digits of the time will match the two digit date, or it will equal one of the 21#'s such as 9:03 or some other time for that day. Again the calculations have to be made so fast that I see it only after looking back at it. I wish I knew more. It is only the levels that I see everyday and how they will tie into the Floor Traders Pivots that keep piquing my interest. As I type this the es is at 1254=21 and the high on the euro is 1326=21.
  6. The Date put into Price has been Posted for tomorrows date the 30th. These #'s should be posted on your chart everyday all year long. Good Trading.
  7. The 21 prices are for all year long everyday. They are the most powerful on the: 3,12,21 and 30th of each month, but are powerful everyday. If you noticed today the low on the British Pound was a 21# 1533; Crude bounced off a 21# a couple of times at 91.2 Low on TF was split halfway between 4 digit date and 21# 786. Also Euro high was split between 2 digit date of 28 and 21 # 1326 When the #'s are clustered like that you will see the splits. Also on a strong day if the market is moving up or down in one direction then it will go from one date or 21# through the next one without stopping and then find support or resistance at the one after that. That is exactly what happened today on the euro and the British Pound
  8. I have posted the two digit and 4 digit date/prices for various markets on my blog on this site. Good Trading Todd
  9. I have always been confused on the pricing on notes because I receive two different readings. I have never traded them. What I can see is that the first 5 digits from left to right are the digits with the most relevance. Meaning that the high of 12037 is the 2 digit date. If you look at my blog then you know that the #'s go in 9's and that it is 19, 28, 37 and so on. 12000 is a permanent 21 # and the next one up is 12090 and down from that would be 11910 which is what s1 appears to be For the next 2 digit date (that moves in 9's) down appears to be 11928 and then the 4 digit date appears to be 11926 I am going to keep the chart up and watch, hope that helps some. Again they are harder for me to see at the current time.
  10. Yes the date will work on stock prices as well as the 21#'s Such as 71.4, 72.3, 73.2 and so on. Those are constants. Obviously the date would change daily. Again the last digit on the right would be omitted to show the price with clarity.
  11. I just posted to my blog LakotaTodd all the two digit prices for tomorrow as well as the 4 digit pricing for some of the markets. If there is a mkt. that someone needs help with just let me know and I will pull it up.
  12. Yes you have the right #'s for the BP and that was awesome on the two digit. I just pulled the chart up and saw it. The #'s for the 28th I mentioned in the post above with crude. Just take the 8 off the front. The 2 digit #'s for the 28th will also be used on the 1st, 10th and 19th of the month. They are as follows: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73, 82, 91 Then for the 29th 2,11,20,29,38,47,56,65,74,83 and 92
  13. On crude for todays date 2 digit below 90 would be: 899 890 881 keep going taking 9 off each time eventually you will hit 827 with 27 being todays two digit date obviously. 3 digit is close to two digit below 90 900 891 (18+9=27; oe 19+8=27, also all the 3 digit dates equal 18 882 873 keep taking 9 off to get your 3 digit date support and resist lines. Tomorrow the lines will only change by a point; on crude two digit date will be 801, 810, 819, 8(28), 837, 846, 855, 864, 873, 882, 891 Tomorrow 3 digit will be 901, 892, 883 Emphasis always being that 21 #'s are always relevant and that is where crude is now 912 below that is 903, 894, 885 and keep subtracting 9
  14. Yes I did not realize you had the days separated as you showed on crude. I thought it was a 2 minute chart consisting of 1 day. On the crude I am looking at a 2-11 contract because that is where all the volume was shown on barchart.com 91.80 is the 3 digit date/price 9+18=27; The far right digit is irrelevant. 90.90 is the next 3 digit down (it is 9 down from 918) then 90.00 is the next 3/2 digit date down. As I said something I always leave marked is the 21 lines. So on crude it is 91.2 (9+12=21) then 90.3; That decimal will throw you. think of it as 903, 912, 921 and so on
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