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  1. How can any strategy " guarantee" no more than 4 losses in a row?? Sent from my SGH-T999V using Tapatalk 2
  2. Thanks everyone. I decided to concentrate on one instrument, 6E. By the way, I love your website and blog, Tim, and always read it with great interest. You have a lot of useful information there. :applaud:
  3. Hello everyone, I have just finished reading Al Brooks’ new books. I have a couple of questions about H1,H2 in a bull trend. Image 1 1. Can a red bar be a signal bar in a bull trend? For example, is B47 a signal bar for a long entry? 2. Regardless of the color, if the entry is not triggered on the next bar, how many bars can we wait for? For example, if bar 47 is a signal bar, does entry bar have to be the next bar or can we wait for a couple of bars, in this case, entry would be bar 49. Image 2 1. Can bar 45 be considered a signal bar? It formed a double-double bottom with bars 42, 43 and 44. 2. Can bar 50 be considered a signal bar? Double bottom with bar 49? 3. If the answer is no, is there a H2 on this chart at all?
  4. Hello, I have traded futures before. I actually started trading futures before stocks. I have had some success with futures but found that I wasn't consistently profitable, i.e. I will make money then lose it, etc. I have read new Al Brooks' books and want to start trading again using price action methods. Only this time I am considering starting with stocks. I would prefer swinging a stock, i.e. buying it and holding it for a couple of hours to make a swing profit, equivalent to 4-6 points in ES. I need your help. Please suggest stocks that have nice long moves (am I asking for too much? )and good volume. Also, I would prefer more expensive stocks (low commission if I trade with IB). On my shortlist are AAPL, GOOG, SBUX, ATVI, WMT. I would also consider trading ETFs but haven't had much exposure to them except for GLD, which I like but it's too wild for me now. Thanks!
  5. How can you really check if the person is profitable or not? Not many are willing to show their accounts. I would pay a percentage of my winnings if I knew that the mentor who would teach a) can trade himself; b) is consistently profitable and can prove it; c) has similar personality to mine and d) is willing to teach and wants me succeed... Now the question is: where do I find him?
  6. I know somebody who uses automated strategy and no chart at all. The person who I know, uses Excel that tells him when to enter and exit.
  7. BMT elite forum is $50 ONE time payment, not annually. And it's well worth it..
  8. Excellent post. Very inspirational!
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