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Learning the S&P 500 Squawk Speak

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Learning the S&P 500 Squawk Speak service from TradersAudio for trading the emini futures



In the past I was not able to put much effort to learn Squawk. My initial attempt into this got overcome by spectical opinions & I also was not able to find enough material to learn than.

Now that I have a home-office and trading almost full time I think I have the environment to give it a sincere go. I also am more savvy to the market terms & use market internals data everyday in my trading.


My first task is to just learn to decipher the important quotes from the continuous price auction commentary and also when the auction prices itself matters with the noise. And than some hands on experience and investigae if it provides any edge to my intraday trading.



My Starting Point

I have sincerely been adviced to start at the FAQ section of TradersAudio website http://www.tradersaudio.com/faq.html


I am going through them now. If you have any more links, seminars or recorded videos please do post here.


I hope others would join in & help. And those who are making successful use of this service would contribute towards our learning experience


Many Thanks


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Squawk Terms used during broadcast


Found this Doc while Googling for help on the Squawk-Speak


This Doc was quite useful in its concise explanation of Terms and some Phrases


I am not sure about the '007' dealer though, if he still exist in the S&P ?? (Perhaps in the Bond Pit ):


Here is the website doc link: http://daytradingthecourse.com/spnotes.doc


I have exported the same as PDF here


Enjoy Minoo


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Video Tutorials are listed in the Favorite section of Tradersaudio YouTube channel

(I must have missed them many times, so below is the list of them)



Title: The Game plan (1:30 minute)


What is Squawk (10:09 minutes)


Squawk to Exit trades (9:55 minutes)


Exit Position (10:00 minutes)


Million Dollar Secret (8:27 minutes)


Are You Abnormal (9:14 minutes)


Top Trading Rules (10:00 minutes)


Supply and Demand (8:17 minutes)


High Energy Trade (7:35 minutes)


Enjoy Minoo

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Webinar on S&P 500 Squawk, TradersAudio

Presenter Ben Lichtenstein

Duration: 1hr 40 minutes approx




The seminar is long and takes some time to load


Please refer to the uploaded PDF


First have a look at the pdf and get some ideas about the topics it covers

I was able to identify the important topics to learn the Squawk and use this webinar as one of my main study tool


The above two Webinars posted here are Probably the best on S&P 500 Squawk


Enjoy Minoo


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Market Profile perspective with Squawk

A joint Webinar by Alexander Trading & TradersAudio

Mentors: Tom A & Ben L

Duration: 35 minutes approx



(or open the above URL in Windows Media Player, use save-as from file menu for future reference)


Some of the important topics to note in this video are:

Where not to trade & how to postition oneself for the opprotunity; Where is better R/R ratio to trade from; Which areas to use Indicators from, Inflection point and order flow perspective from the pit.

Also Market Internals such as Volume, Ticks, Price-Vol & Breath Divergence, usage. Stats & Propensity of market in the first 60 - 90 minutes, In between single print test / retrace with Squawk & Market Internals usage


The various posted materials in this thread has given me a good starting point with the Squawk. Many Thanks to everyone who have so far provided me with excellent links, insights and encouragement, This only keeps getting better.


Next I would like to discuss chart setup to use for practising with the Squawk & also How to use the energy of the Squawk to somewhat nuetralise the emotions with follow-through mental routine


Enjoy Minoo

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