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PBF Squeeze Replica For Tradestation

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Many have asked what the differences are between the PBF-Squeeze indicator and the other popular and well-known Squeeze that's been out there for years, which is retailed at $496.

The simple answer is:

  • THIS is much faster and way more precise.
  • THIS Squeeze indicator has absolutely nothing to do with the other Squeeze except for the name and similar formation (lines, dots, histograms, green, red, what else can you do?)


The idea and calculation behind our Squeeze is brand new. It does not employ the Momentum or CCI indicator, which are okay but not precise and responsive enough for our tastes. The "traditioinal" Bollinger Band/Keltner Channel idea that plots the middle line is kept alive if you choose 2 for "style" under "format technical analysis", but we no longer use it in our trading. This idea sounds very attractive in theory, but if you really think about it and examine the charts, both Bollinger Band and Keltner Channels are lagging indicators. By the time the Bollinger Band moves inside the Keltner Channel, the market would have been moving sideways for at least a few bars.

What's worse is when the Bollinger Band moves outside of the Keltner Channel, the market has been moving for at least a few bars. If you enter positions then, that means you are a few bars too late.

For this reason, we have re-designed the middle line, which has made tremendous differences in our trading, especially in the counter-trend mode.




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Here are some trading ideas for the PBF-Squeeze Indicator.

Use a EMA48 and EMA89 to get the Middle line or use the jtHMA to get better results. This line gives you the trend direction.

Take CT Trades only if you have a divergence in the PBF-Squeeze.


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Looks good. Can't wait to try it.


I've installed it but it needs to be adjusted in the "style" tab... it just looks like a line bar and the squeeze dots are REALLY small and they don't seem to react the changes in the style tab to make them wider... suggestions?



Edited by daedalus

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I appreciate the post... but this doesn't work in TS...


Heres screens showing the changes to both of them, and the resulting chart from the changes.






The only changes that take effect are changing it from line to histogram... None of the width changes seem to take effect.


Don't know how much you can do since you use the MC platform, but if anyone else tries this on their TS i'd like to know if you're having the same issues.


Thanks again for posting the indicator regardless!

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I am using MC too, but there are two SetPlotWidth lines in the code, which means they are hardcoded and your changes will have no effect. Try to comment them out and see if this helps to have your settings take effect.


The lines are:




Or copy and paste the code below where I have commented the lines out already to a new indicator and verify:

Inputs: Price(Close), price2(close),Price3(H/3+L/3+C/3),
	 AlertLine( 1 ),
 BuyColor1(blue), BuyColor2(darkblue),
 SellColor1(red), SellColor2(darkred),

vars:FastVal1(0), SlowVal1(0), Diff1(0),
    FastVal2(0), SlowVal2(0), Diff2(0),
    FastVal3(0), SlowVal3(0), Diff3(0),
    FastVal4(0), SlowVal4(0), Diff4(0),
    AvgDiff(0), AvgDif(0), poles(4),

if Style = 0 then begin
{Zero Line - BB Squeeze}
if ( barnumber=1 ) then 
  If minmove <> 0 then
    LHMult = pricescale/minmove;

{-- Calculate BB Squeeze ----------------------}
ATR = AvgTrueRange(Length);
SDev = StandardDev(Price, Length, 1);

Denom = (nK*ATR);
If Denom <> 0 then BBS_Ind = (nBB * SDev) /Denom; 

If BBS_Ind < Alertline then
  SetPlotColor(1, NormalColor)
  SetPlotColor(1, AlertColor);

{-- Plot Index & Alert Line -------------------------}
Plot1(0, "Squeeze");

if Style = 1 then begin
{Zero Line - Gauss filter}
value1 = Gauss(Price3,Length3,3);

if (Value1) > (Value1[1]) then 
SetPlotColor(1, BuyColor1);
if (Value1) < (Value1[1]) then 
SetPlotColor(1, SellColor1);
//	SetPlotWidth(1,7);
Plot1(0, "Squeeze");

FastVal1 = Gauss(price, 8, poles);
SlowVal1 = Gauss(price, 21, poles);
Diff1 = FastVal1 - SlowVal1;
FastVal2 = Gauss(price, 13, poles);
SlowVal2 = Gauss(price, 34, poles);
Diff2 = FastVal2 - SlowVal2;
FastVal3 = Gauss(price, 21, poles);
SlowVal3 = Gauss(price, 55, poles);
Diff3 = FastVal3 - SlowVal3;
FastVal4 = Gauss(price, 34, poles);
SlowVal4 = Gauss(price, 89, poles);
Diff4 = FastVal4 - SlowVal4;
AvgDiff = (Diff1+Diff2+Diff3+Diff4)/4;

plot2(AvgDiff,"DiffHisto") ;
if AvgDiff > 0 then 
 if AvgDiff > AvgDiff[1] then 
   setplotcolor(2,BuyColor2) ;

if AvgDiff < 0 then 
 if AvgDiff < AvgDiff[1] then setplotcolor(2,SellColor1)

{ Counter Trend Mode}
if CounterTrend = true then begin
CCiValue = CCI(13);

Condition1 = ccivalue[1] > 50;
Condition2 = CCivalue < 50;
Condition3 = CCivalue[1] < 100;
Condition4 = CCiValue > 100;
Condition5 = AvgDiff > 0;
Condition6 = AvgDiff[1] > 0;
Condition7 = AvgDiff[2] > 0;
Condition8 = ccivalue < 100;

if Condition1 and Condition2 and Condition5 and condition6 and condition7 then begin
  DownCT = 1;

if DownCT = 1 and AvgDiff < 0 then DownCT =0;

if DownCT = 1 and Condition8 and Condition5 then setplotcolor(2,SellColor2);

if DownCT = 1 and Condition3 and Condition4 then begin
  DownCT = 0;

Condition11 = ccivalue[1] < -50;
Condition12 = CCivalue > -50;
Condition13 = CCivalue[1] >- 100;
Condition14 = CCiValue < -100;
Condition15 = AvgDiff < 0;
Condition16 = AvgDiff[1] < 0;
Condition17 = AvgDiff[2] < 0;
Condition18 = ccivalue >-100;

if Condition11 and Condition12 and Condition15 and condition16 and condition17 then begin
  setplotcolor(2,BuyColor2) ;
  UpCT = 1;

if UpCT = 1 and AvgDiff > 0 then UpCT =0;
if UpCT = 1 and Condition18 and Condition15 then setplotcolor(2,BuyColor2) ;
if UpCT = 1 and Condition13 and Condition14 then begin
  UpCT = 0;


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Thanks sevensa - when I try to verify i get a message say that "The word end was expected before the end of the file"


Sorry, I guess TS doesn't like // characters to comment out lines and you have to include the text between {} if you want to comment the lines out.


Glad you got it working though.

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Thanks for your version of this, it seems that you have modifed my code that I realased on here under the "various indicators" title.









do you think the code for PBF_squeeze will work for sierracharts. Im trying to find what they are using to create this indicator.



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no. it has its center line "squeeze" signal modified somehow.


Its actually pretty interesting. Throw both this and a "old" squeeze on a chart and compare. You get more signals and get better entries usually. Just find a good way to filter them and manage them and you might just have something.

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no. it has its center line "squeeze" signal modified somehow.


Its actually pretty interesting. Throw both this and a "old" squeeze on a chart and compare. You get more signals and get better entries usually. Just find a good way to filter them and manage them and you might just have something.




Do you use the PBF_squeeze,


Does anyone have the code for Pbf_squeeze for sierracharts.

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i dunno.

for the histogram, people have said its similiar to a TRIX. look at a 4-8 perod TRIX. I dont think Bbands or KChannels are used at all in the new one.


compare TRIX with different settings against the original one and see if it's close.

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After importing this indicator, it refuses to plot as a histogram with 'thicker' lines and I have exhausted what little knowledge I have.


I have attempted to change its attributes using 'Style' with no success.


Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


I'm running TS 8.4 (1688).


Many Thanks


for any suggestions.

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