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  1. Here is a configuration suggestion: The screenshots are made with MultiCharts. TS is the same.
  2. Here are some trading ideas for the PBF-Squeeze Indicator. Use a EMA48 and EMA89 to get the Middle line or use the jtHMA to get better results. This line gives you the trend direction. Take CT Trades only if you have a divergence in the PBF-Squeeze.
  3. Many have asked what the differences are between the PBF-Squeeze indicator and the other popular and well-known Squeeze that's been out there for years, which is retailed at $496. The simple answer is: THIS is much faster and way more precise. THIS Squeeze indicator has absolutely nothing to do with the other Squeeze except for the name and similar formation (lines, dots, histograms, green, red, what else can you do?) The idea and calculation behind our Squeeze is brand new. It does not employ the Momentum or CCI indicator, which are okay but not precise and responsive enough for our tastes. The "traditioinal" Bollinger Band/Keltner Channel idea that plots the middle line is kept alive if you choose 2 for "style" under "format technical analysis", but we no longer use it in our trading. This idea sounds very attractive in theory, but if you really think about it and examine the charts, both Bollinger Band and Keltner Channels are lagging indicators. By the time the Bollinger Band moves inside the Keltner Channel, the market would have been moving sideways for at least a few bars. What's worse is when the Bollinger Band moves outside of the Keltner Channel, the market has been moving for at least a few bars. If you enter positions then, that means you are a few bars too late. For this reason, we have re-designed the middle line, which has made tremendous differences in our trading, especially in the counter-trend mode. PBF-SQUEEZE.ELD
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