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Mark Jansen

What is Your View for the Fact That Liquid Markets Liquidated Before Swiss Franc?

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How could you opine that is a comforting fact that this happens. Don't you find it irresponsible to blame it on the SNB event? Personally I think that there should be more transparency on this matter. The other day, I spoke to a trader that was thinking to open an account with this firms, but in the end he refrained from doing so. Lucky him. Hopefully, they will bring the 400 customers who were affected with some good news: Breaking: Liquid Markets liquidated before Swiss franc?AtoZ Forex

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Can you delegate a right that you don’t have?


How could you opine that is a comforting fact that this happens.

I celebrate that markets can be manipulated.


Traders who are not ready to accept this 'exchange' and 'broker' category of the risks involved in trading should simply find other avenues ... and certainly not opine about or beg for 'fairness'

(warning ! Watch out - here comes a run of content that may not seem connected. It is!)

If you think the NFA is going to protect you from crooked or mismanaged brokers think again!

Can you delegate a right that you don’t have?

ultimately any and all regulations serve the people they were originally intended to serve for only a brief time. Then, regulations adds to and compounds corruption rather than ameliorating it.

(C’mon people ... the quickenings are coming... keep up ! ... make the leaps...)

To trust people who are ultimately not trustworthy in agencies that, to put it mildly, serve purposes that they were not ‘chartered’ to serve is a mistake.

Trust of state, in ANY of the ‘political’ forms it can take, is a mistake.

Mass acceptance of state = Mass trust of state = a mistake

... flimsy “omg! otherwise chaos would erupt” arguments/fears notwithstanding.

The mistake leads - quickly or slowly - to attempts at centralized management ... resulting in oppression, exploitation of the responsible, the productive, the ‘voters’ who accept state...

fkn Greece is the distraction of the week ... see

Does Anyone Remember 2007? The Global Debt Bubble In 3 Ominous Charts | Zero Hedge

‘they’ are now reaching peak ‘rob the unborn’/ steal from those that can’t ‘vote’ for ~ 25yrs into the future, etc.

They must now come for current wealth - your pension, your property, your... - by bail-ins... then at the point of a gun...


all kinds of dark sht happens and even

things that are feared become blessings

... The Beauty of Deflation |




Basically - Our markets are best left anarchic.

Can you delegate a right that you don’t have?




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The sum up you made here really clears out the presumption of being protected by the regulators. It is indeed true that other interests are handled first, while neglecting the traders interests. ~Sadly but true, we can't delegate a right that we do not posses. Thanks for the eye opener, zdo.

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it's kinda sad when people said it's a comforting situation. while there's still many traders out there not had a clear situation upon their trading account. most still stuck awaiting from their brokers decision, wether they will able to withdrawn their money or not.

reading zdo link truly open wide our sight, never thought as much as now related to global economics.

while in fact there's also brokerage services not affected by this event, and fully protected their client negative balance. got mine with iron and tickmill ecn service, while iron facing a very serious payment problem so far ( got a whole week awaiting for my wd to be processed), but none payment issue happen with my ecn one even they offer new start up 15% deposit bonuses for helping those who damaged from chf event.

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Traders need to make clear and functional demarcations for themselves on the difference btwn risk and exposure. And - yes it is sad that this event is the only way some get the opportunity to learn the difference between Risk and Exposure. Especially where ANY degree of leverage is involved, this is an important lesson to learn ... regardless of how you learn it... by painfully experiencing the difference real time or learning enough from studying and watching others and conceptualizing a functional lesson.


Risk is the probability, the chance that an event or situation will transpire that would lead to a loss or an undesired outcome.


Exposure is the extent to which the outcome at risk can have an effect.


The ‘voice of trading’ is weak and virtually silent on Exposure. The typical first grader in ‘trading schrooall’ is served pabulum like “limit you risk by using stops” and “only risk 3% of your account in each position” and that’s about it. Most traders “meme - in” and functionally comingle risk and exposure inside their heads instead of working a VERY SHARP distinction btwn the two


Most of the traders out there who are in this purgatory situation with their brokerages... and also most of the traders who are setting themselves up to be one of the next casualties of the currency wars are fully brainwashed keynesian cargo kids who have yet to even conceptualize even a wish for an alternative to the ‘archy’.

And ...Ultimately it’s such BigPicture mistakes/delusions that lead to and sustain these SmallPicture ... likeThinking your stop delimits your exposure, etc... mistakes/delusions


... and end up “ not had a clear situation upon their trading account. most still stuck awaiting from their brokers decision, wether they will able to withdrawn their money or not. ” .. ie still blaming the market and / or the SNB and / or their broker ... instead of learning to work a VERY SHARP distinction btwn the two and being grateful for the lesson...


...and fwiw, PRAX, I do feel for you bro ...

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on the difference btwn risk and exposure. .


100% correct.

even " " " professionals " " " often dont get this or deliberately choose to ignore it.


read black swan, infallibility, when genius failed - get it or ignore it.

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You're more than welcome peeterwolf, I am sure that you have seen Greece got a four-month extension on their bailout program. I thought that this would be the first step into the right direction, but on the same website atozforex.com/news/a-state-of-uncertainty-remains-post-greeces-four-month-extension/ . I read that it is only more oil on the fire.

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