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  1. 5th week of trade, as account Growth: 40.63% with Maximum drawdown: 7.33% Monthly Recap : June : 33.70 % July : 5.18 %
  2. new active trade executed after another cycle end during FOMC meeting, have no issues using stop order during FOMC minute. Overal gain profit : 133%, with detailed statement : as active order :
  3. it's really did happen luke , last EU bullish formed as the EA grap several order executed. account age 5 weeks, with total gain profit 36%, at 7% drawdown.
  4. current active cycle, after 5 weeks profit gain 130%. here's the EA file GT_Tickmill_set.zip, current setting compatible with Tickmill ECN price feeds (GMT +3).
  5. latest performance update : account age : 4 weeks, profit gained total : 120%. new order cycle begin, new active order await for another profitable result
  6. order summary after 4 week : and it's seem the market giving another volatile attempt which cause positive result, trading performance result at 27% by now.
  7. thank's for your input Luke, EU pair movement are less volatile for past weeks, still wandering around with slight pips range. and makes my order are got SL hitted, the EA result now down to 23% profit gain.
  8. last active order all clear, waiting london market session to start new cycle. with total profit result 115%, account age 4 weeks.
  9. Initial balance : 1000 USD, Account age : 4 weeks Trading type : Grid method (high risk one) Pair : EURUSD only for a moment Profit : 110%. EA are running on VPS server so there's no manual intervention, fully automatic trading system. these are free to use EA, for a moment my setting are compatible with Tickmill ECN price feed. will keep update the daily performance report.
  10. thank;s for your valuable advice jpennybags. it's no doubt scalp trading system are not the best thing to turn into automatic system. therefore I still in research for a better peformance result. these current system are another 'version' of several trading method I used. I also put another trading journal simply works as scalp with more 'soft' approach to the market volatility. as I never planned to had programing stuff who learn how to sense and 'thought'. once again an EA are simply an automatic version of any possible manual method, which in my opinion when the manual resulted at 50%, means the EA version should giving less than 10-20% result since the effort are less of thought and sense. with only a few resource and knowledge since we all retail traders, I intend to put another effort of developing fully automatic trading system. never planned to show no loss trading record, or aim for 100% daily result. will keep anything based on best can get MM ratio, and simply act as traders not as commercial EA vendors seem you have a good experience with "knife fighting" with the market, can you elaborate a bit . as you already stated sometimes it's a difficult days, need to keep u the game face on, but how long are you gonna do this. based on similar situation, I start to thinking to turn everything into logic, with less target profit, but in return I'll surely had an extra time to do something else.
  11. all order are executed as planned, but the market are less volatile today, as result several order got hit while there's no further pace upon the market price.
  12. latest update trading performance, drawdown still at 7%, with 30% profit gain. now using better VPS server to match tickmill server location (london). I believe a reduce at latency would give better result while entry executed.
  13. I saw there's many traders attract with scalping method, but rarely found works in the long run. here's my personal research by compiling, optimizing several methods I've found. the strategy are much simple trade only with EURUSD only at rush hour market session (EU, US market) use 30 M TF start entry when the candle shown at least 30 pips range. use stop loss for each trailing step (5 pips ) for profitable exit. Overal performance : use lowest stop order level platform (currently using Tickmill platform, with 0 pips stop order level). latest active trade : will keep update at daily basis, any suggestion/critics are welcome.
  14. latest performance update, have hardtime moving into new VPS server. well, overall trading result still at positive result, total gain till today 25% quite good result after 2 weeks, with 7% Drawdown.
  15. prax

    Forex Broker

    could these related to their sudden policy during Greek Saga (temporary shrink the leverage 1:50 ), I don't have an account with them yet just saw their representative post at FF. and that's makes me bit worry and right away ask Tickmill support where my account with, did they applied same rule upon Greek referendum vote, and luckily they doesn't change any trading rule related to Greek event. how is it going with your withdrawal process, I hope it wont take to much time to process :missy:
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