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Market Update for the Week of September 9,2013

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Wow what a fun Friday, Really shows how current events can effect the market. The es futures had (2) 20 point moves then a 10 point move as we sold off into the close. You don't get to see this everyday! Every trading day as I broadcast live on DayTradingRadio I point out certain levels and zones on the es chart these I call HPZ (High Probability Zones) and they are based on a dual stochastic method I developed over the years. Taking into consideration 2 periods, a long and short look back. A 40 period and a 14 period. I refer to these two as a fast signal (14) and a slow signal (40) you can see the difference on how fast then rotate from overbought to oversold. Over a long and continuous period of studying these 2 signals I started to notice a synergy between them, Which produced a signal better together then there individual effects. Now alone this is a great stand alone indicator but when combined with some other indicators the percentage of success only goes up. When you watch DTR you see in real time how these indicator work and its never after the fact. The fact is it works and works even better when combined with certain zones. These could be areas based off of channels and trend lines, previous support and resistance, Fibonacci's or many of the other popular indicators. How do you know which one to use? Well personal preference I guess to start of with. For me the true signal comes with the combination or the dual stochastics on the 1min time frames combined with the 5 min time frame and the 14,4,3 stochastics. I always discuss this on the show so if you want more explanation please ask.


Now lets take this to the next level!! Next week, Monday to be exact at 11:00am et We will be having FuturesTrader71 back on the site. FT71 is a market profiler specializing in Volume Profile analyst. He is great at what he does and currently a Managing partner at Stage 5 trading corp. Volume profile is a very important factor in trading the futures and FT71 will be sharing with us his market anaysis for the coming week. This will be weekly event on Mondays and I am sure he will be in and out of the trading room throughout the week. What I will be doing is plotting all his levels on the Es chart that you see everyday and looking for the convergence of his levels and my signals. I can't wait to see the results of both his levels and the market reaction to those and the combination of both volume profile and stochastics. This will be a great addition to the site and I am happy that DTR and Stage 5 will be working together going forward.


We are also announcing an Ultimate Trader Showdown event in the next couple of weeks.


We have a large futures trading community here that trade everyday and I am both proud and impressed with their success and professionalism I am happy to expand the Futures Section.




Chart larger Image



Watch Live Market 8AM - 4PM EST


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Market Update foro the week of September 16,2013


The video on the bottom is a review of great patterns that played out this week and an update on market conditions and where we are heading, This is usually connected to the members video but I had a tech issue and had to separate them. The HPS watch list is found in the normal place here http://daytradingradio.com/10for1000


The big event next week will be the Fed meeting and possible announcement of policy change (beginning of a tapering of the bond buying program) I expect this has been talk about so much in the last 3 months that the expected announcement will effect the market in a very short time frame maybe just a few minutes. It will comes down to how they spin this. Bias: Down then Up


On the stock side of things we have some awesome set up for next week. This are all mentioned on the video and the charts are outlined in the HPS section. I am very exited about this weeks setups and the new additions. Normally I go over the best bet for the week for the general public but I am keeping this one on the inside until Tuesday. Right now the members got a full boat of great HPS's


2 big earnings next Wednesday FDX and GIS before open and ORCL after the close.


Also we introduced the QBOT today and that will remain free to daytradingradio members for a couple months so take advantage of it see if it works for you. You will be hearing more about this next week.




Click on the link to read more about it.



Don't forget FT71 will be back with us Monday morning to outline his levels for the week this is a very nice addition to the show and great way to start out the week. This happens every Monday Morning 11:00am et


again here is a market update video and the great patterns that have been working in this market. Have a great weekend see you Monday.



If you want to make money trading then you need to watch this. Outline of great patterns and stocks.


After i get though a small update of markets I go into the best stock patterns that have been working and more of great education here and very fired up cause I only know there are better set ups for next week. Great examples of a DTRS playbook play $GOOG, $T , and current set up in $CBS, and $KO This is a great video.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW5ND8gCfG4&feature=share&list=UUTRIFOak6FixJMP-vqz3WGA]If you want to make money trading then you need to watch this. Outline of great patterns and stocks - YouTube[/ame]

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Guest epic research

Buy den network above 153.50 tg 154.75, 156.25, 158 sl 151.45.

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