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  1. Soultrader I called Trade Station 2 months ago and inquired about the Kospi and they told me it is not tradable in the US, are they correct or have things possible changed since my call to them?
  2. One more time if you could. I have Jiriks MA installed on my machine, below is the code for the MA assuming you have JMA installed (which I do), could you modify the code to allow me to have the same outlook with the Jarik MA { DESCRIPTION: Plots JMA on price time series. User has option to enable dynamic coloring. This indicator shows best on a black background. INPUTS: series price time series length larger values makes JMA line smoother phase specifies tradeoff between lag and overshoot colorMode 0 : plot JMA line without dynamic color. 1 : plot JMA line with dynamic color. } Inputs: series(close), length(7), { range: any non-negative value } phase(50), { range: -100 ... +100 } colorMode(0); { range: 0, 1 } vars: float JMA(0); JMA = JRC.JMA.2k ( series, length, phase ) ; { JMA = JRC.JMA.flex.2k ( value1, length, phase ); --- alternate method for user defined variables } if colorMode = 1 then setplotcolor[1](1, iff( JMA<JMA[1], red, cyan ) ); plot1 (JMA, "JMA"); Thanks
  3. Your Type is ENTJ Strength of the preferences % Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Judging 78 50 25 33 Whatever your type is the important thing is to know how to spot your weaknesses and overcome them. As an example I have CNBC (Noise) on in the background, I also talk on the phone with other traders looking for setups, After exiting a trade I walk away from the computer and talk wit hmy lovely wife. Being a certain tyype doesnt exclude you from trading, when someone does nothing to adjust for it that is where the problem is.
  4. When swing trading I trade equity options on trending stocks. I use trailing stop losses to get me out of the trade. Prior to the increased volatility I would enter into option trades on trending stocks and be in the trade for 3 - 4 weeks. Good premium increase over that time period. With the increased volatility I want to see how long others are in their swing trades?
  5. Your Type is ENTJ Strength of the preferences % Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Judging 78 50 25 33 Pretty much hit the nail on the head.
  6. The hot topic on the news stations is "We ne to fix Wall Street". Well what about the Government, there is sooooooooooooo much waste it is silly. We need to put someone in charge that can take the country and run it like a business. Raising taxes isnt the answer, locating and fixing the problem is.
  7. GREAT post, a huge amount of information in one place, thanks for doing the legwork.
  8. First and foremost I agree with CandleWhisperer & HLM about price. I have spent countless hours looking at how markets move as well as the positions that I trade. As I decide that I want to look at adding a market to my list I will spend hours looking over price and patterns as well as time analysis looking for things to pop out at me. After price is fibonacci, as HLM mentioned the golden ratio, fibonacci has a pure relationship to the golden ratio. Everything around us has some relationship to fibonacci such as: a tweed pattern, a conch shell, the multiplication of rabbits, the pyramids, etc. It also works very well in trading.
  9. Keep in mind there are no shortcuts to becoming successful in the art of trading. Each person has to do battle with the deamons inside themselves. Although having access to the information and traders here will be very VERY helpful you still need to do the work. It goes back to the tell, show, do method. You are the only one that can do it for you. With that being said it doesnt mean you have to go at it all alone, there are others that were in the same place as you that can help you along the way. Think of it like this, if you take a professional baseball team, the team works to help each other become the best they can be. But when a player gets up to bat he has to rely on his own abilities to get on base. There is no Holy Grail but hard work will get you there!
  10. If you take the class let me know what you think about it.
  11. I would venture to say that most software in their license agreement will not allow you to resell their software.
  12. I have not taken any classes from them but I do know someone that has. The thing that I like about their system compared to some others is you actually trade their money (in small dollar abounts) to learn what it is like to be in a trade. Most other companies use a tell show strategy, theirs is tell, show, do!
  13. Have you inquired with IB on opening an account as a Corp. You can live outside the US and still own a corporation here. This might work for you. It might be an extra step but it might be worth it for you.
  14. How long are you holding onto swing trades with the volatility in the market today? I went from 3 - 4 weeks to 1 - 2 weeks to now for 2 - 3 days. I am curious how long others are holding on. Also have you increased or decreased your stops?
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