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  1. do you have the ttm scalper alert in Ninjatrader script?
  2. do you have the scalper/buy signal in Ninjatrader script?
  3. Does anyone know the amibroker code for TTM Value chart?
  4. Thanks Bruce! I will check out the jurik ma
  5. Does anyone know the tradestation code or amibroker code for the following: Sling shot - http://www.tradethemarkets.com/public/2855.cfm Trend (Heikin ashi candles) - http://www.tradethemarkets.com/products/item9.cfm
  6. I scale in and out of positions on the YM using bracket trader. Are there other similar type software out there that works well with the IB platform?
  7. Anyone here use Clayburg's Universal system of cluster system? I am thinking of buying one of the systems and wondered if others have found the systems profitable?
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