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  1. I don't think so... Perhaps, in a day it could be reach 90%. And it's not consistently... No any strategy that reach 90% consistently..
  2. The U.S. still have huge economic problem now.. It's the white house wrong way, they are tend to accept the billion donation from AIPAC/ Israel organisation on america. So, the FACT is "USA on Israel's TRAP!!!" Israel is more smart with their disgusting lobby to the white house..
  3. Just use 5% of your balance... It's will safe your account there.
  4. Good news,, lite offer 100% bonus loan for all customers..... The first initial deposit is $1000, then we will get bonus $1000. So, the total balance is $2000.. Do you Interest with??? waiting for what....
  5. i've trade in lite since 2010. it's one of my favorite broker, i like this broker because they serve the good service to us.. its very stable and my EA done nice job here..
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