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  1. You can't expect to learn this stuff from books. People writing books have absolutely no clue about that. None who is making $$$ with this stuff would ever think to waste a minute to write a sentence for a book :crap:
  2. Commodities tend to fluctuate quicker than indices and currencies (longer "waves"). If you are contrarian (doesn't seem you are), commodities, especially energy is better. Bear ETFs when have a high peak tend eventually to have a very long slide down, which can be easy $$$. :crap:
  3. Pick IB. It's the best. And you don't need cheap: you need a serious one.
  4. Use options to recover margins (and also protect). Now have also been introduced the new "mini-option" which are quite convenient (with a 10 multiplier)
  5. Losers in FOREX (=scamming industry) are 99,9% Only scammers provide larger %.
  6. Sure it is. Just like reading coffee grounds or lecanomancy or scyphomancy, etc ...
  7. Stick with IB and you will be fine. See independent brokers reviews: Brokers - Forex Brokers - Trading Firms - EliteTrader.com
  8. There is only one type of "signals" in the market. Those are the signals when you can start losing $$$.
  9. That was a great man. A friend of mine used to say this sentence (adjust the English): "1 thousand made it's like they were 2"
  10. > Technicals or Fundamentals Neither one. Trading is not about prediction ...:crap:
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