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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, This is my maiden analysis using volume profile - so please don't hesitate to share your feedback. As per the attached analysis, I think that SPY is primed for a short - for many reasons - Multiple strong rejection of long positions exist at Resistance R1 and R2 : seems like sellers defending their positions - Very strong short volume seen at R2 : further signifying sellers who are ready at that level However, once the price reaches Support S1, there seems to be a strong buying sentiment which has rejected previous shorts. You can see trading ranges & pullbacks to S1 where buyers and sellers seem to agree on a price range, often leading to a buyer dominance. What do you think?
  2. tmoptions


    Hello Gurus, I bought 10 SPY PUT contracts of Oct 14 (expiring in 8 days) for $1.48 yesterday. The market moved the opposite direction and I've been in the red since down 650+) Any suggestions/thoughts on how to minimize the incurred loss at this point? -TIA
  3. Hi, I am new to this website, this is my first post. :-) Seasonality for the next 2-3 weeks We are entering a period of strong market from the point of seasonality. Typically one week before Independence day stocks start to be strong and this can last until July 19. However as you can see from the chart, seasonality was not a strong factor up to this time in 2014. I personally expect that stock indexes will be mostly up in the next 14-20 days. Stocks may start their typical move down in the second part of July.
  4. There was an article on Zerohedge yesterday on High Frequency Trading (HFT). Summary of key points - Yesterday’s ISM numbers were supposed to be released at 10 am ET - Some HFT firms apparently got the information 15 milliseconds earlier and executed large orders on the SPY (at 9:59:59.985 am) - Similar activity can be noticed on the ES futures 8 milliseconds prior to 10 am (9:59:59.992 am) Click here to read more, http://www.optiontiger.com/high-frequency-trading/
  5. Looking at a chart, you always know in retrospect that prices moved sideways, but how to know in advance? In the NeverLossTrading concept, we integrated a study, which measures changes in implied volatility and informs the trader by painting a "Purple Zone" on the chart, indicating, that the price/volume development of a share has reached this critical stage of consolidation. Then, we either apply short term sideways strategies, or wait for the breakout signal, to trade along with the direction after the breakout. In the “Purple Zone”, we find little directional movement with various counter price trend activities until a breakout to the up- or downside occurs. To support the visibility of such price development, we shade the price chart for the time-period purple and produce a very powerful indicator, signifying: Apply short term sideways strategies, with limited risk or do not to initiate trades when the Purple Zone continues, by not knowing when it ends and in which direction prices might breakout. rend-trade when the Purple Zone is over, if the first candle outside the Purple Zone shows an arrow pointing to the trade direction: o Purple Arrow: To the upside o Purple Arrow: To the downside. GE Breakout After a Purple Zone At times we get asked why the zone is purple? The answer is: It marks a time-zone of indecision where the market forces negotiate until an upside or downside price-move concludes the decision making process. The color purple is achieved by mixing red (down-color) and blue (up-color). For the beginning financial market investor, the best is not to trade in the “Purple Zone”, but right after, when a trend is established. More advanced traders gauge the price range in the zone and take trades already at the first break out. By being aware that even light-tower-candles that occur can quickly be reverted while the “Purple Zone Indicator” is present. If we are in a trade that enters a “Direction Change Zone”, we either exit the trade or adjust the range for the stop not to be taken out by radical price movements. If we are unwilling to accept additional risk and still want to stay in the trade, the stop line (red line) of the Double-Decker at entry into the “Purple Zone” builds the point where we put our stop. A directional arrow after the Purple Zone identifies a high probable trade entry. If there is no arrow on the first candle after the Purple Zone, the study recommends not to enter into a directional trade. The best trade entry for a trend trade is two ticks above/below the trade proposal painted on the chart. The same functionality applies for Intra-Day- and Swing-Trading Charts. After our new software update, we are now allowing in the NLT-Purple-Zone-Indicator to put a computer generated price proposal at the end of the Purple Zone arrow: SPY, ETF of S&P 500 Index Signifying the Overall Market Move The trade direction-pointing arrow after the Purple Zone now resides on the price level of the cloud and identifies the new price direction to trade. The width of the cloud can be adjusted from the factory setting of 2 to a higher or lower level: If the level is set to zero, the Purple Zone Cloud disappears. If it is set to 1, it narrows the width of the cloud. A setting above 2 widens the cloud setting. Further: The alert sound and the end of Purple Zone alert can be set to individual preferences. Additional Switch Functions: - If you want the computer generated trade proposal, set the switch on “Yes”. - To receive a sound alert, when the End-of-Purple-Zone -Indicator is triggered, put the switch on “Yes”. The “Purple Zone Indicator” is an integral part of our software package. See, how you can integrate it in your trading. We offer four mentorship programs, geared to the need of the individual Investor: NLT Top-Line, for the Independent investor, where we install real-time analysis software. NLT HF-Stock-Trading: For frequent traders, able to trade the markets every day. NLT Wealth Building: If you are trading two times a week/month. NLT Income Generating: For day-trading futures and options.
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