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  1. Jul 22: Existing Home Sales Jul 24: New Home Sales Jul 25: Jobless Claims Jul 25: Durable Goods Orders Jul 26: Consumer Sentiment
  2. July 1: ISM Mfg Index & Construction Spending July 2: Factory Orders July 3: International Trade July 5: Unemployment & Jobless Claims
  3. June 25: Durable Goods, New Home Sales & Consumer Confidence June 26: GDP June 27: Jobless Claims & Personal Income and Outlays June 28: Consumer Sentiment
  4. June 18: CPI & Housing Starts June 19: FOMC Meeting June 20: Jobless Claims & Existing Home Sales
  5. June 12: EIA Petroleum & Treasury Budget June 13: Jobless Claims & Retail Sales June 14: PPI & Consumer Sentiment
  6. June 3: Construction Spending June 4: International Trade June 5: Factory Orders & Beige Book June 6: Jobless Claims June 7: Unemployment
  7. April Options expiring this week along with a busy calendar. Apr 16: CPI Apr 16: Housing Starts Apr 18 Jobless Claims Apr 18 Philadelphia Fed Apr 19: Options Expiration
  8. Earnings season kicks off with Alcoa and there are a few economic reports worth noting. Apr 10: FOMC & Treasury Budget Apr 11: Jobless Claims Apr 12: PPI, Retail Sales & Csmr Sent
  9. As committed and dedicated as I was - after 4 years pursuing Automated Strategies (total 9 years active in Forex, with primary focus on day-trading, both mean-reverse and trend-following) I am finally ready to give up. About $100K spent, over 20 various ideas for Algo explored (programmed and tested – both back-test and forward-test, both demo and real, both domestic bank and international prime-broker, etc. - you name it), but eventually all failed, or seem so. Was it (i) wrong market selection, or (ii) bad ideas for Algo in essence, or (iii) wrong targets and too high expectations, or (iv) technology/platforms shortfalls, or (v) absence of clear and transparent performance/quality evaluation criteria, as well as similar criteria for the progress of the entire Project, or (vi) poor terms definitions and lack of understanding/communications with investors, or (vii) just myself not being smart enough, or could be a combination of all above -- one way or another I have finally hit a threshold. So at this point would greatly appreciate an advice – double the efforts and keep digging in (?), or quit it for good and forget it as a worst nightmare (?).
  10. Earnings are dead and there are a few economic reports worth noting including unemployment. Apr 1: Construction Spending Apr 2: Factory Orders Apr 3: EIA Petroleum Status Apr 4: Jobless Claims Apr 5: Unemployment & Intl Trade
  11. Earnings have slowed but there are a few worth noting and there is a FOMC announcement. Mar 18: Housing Market Index Mar 19: Housing Starts Mar 20: FOMC Mar 21: Jobless Claims
  12. Earnings have slowed and there are quite a few economic reports worth noting once again. Mar 12: Treasury Budget Mar 13: Retail Sales & Business Inv Mar 14: PPI & Jobless Claims Mar 15: CPI & Consumer Sentiment
  13. All these reports have affects on the market -mslk
  14. Earnings are slowing and there are quite a few economic reports worth noting again this week including jobs. Mar 6: Factory Orders & Beige Book Mar 7: Intl Trade & Jobless Claims Mar 8: Unemployment
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