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  1. yeah, i mean, for sure something is to be gained, we aint gona lose anything anway so its positive.
  2. we cant classify brokers as cheap anymore i mean atleast have the broker in the market offer a decent low min deposit usually used for testing, like this broker im using lmfx the mind deposit for premium is a mere 50 i dont think its bad, but always keep in mind presonal research is the key not all brokers are good, so test them, know about them and learn from it. its an experience.
  3. there should be a list of countries that are ban from trading, most probably a list that broker share disallowing these countries, i think i saw is somewhere though i cant pinpoint it just yet, like countries in africa and here in asia aside from north korea of coures
  4. haha look, i have been trading for 7years, 5 inwhich i traded with hotforex and untill now i would say im no where close to being a pro/successful trader.,yeah i might be doing fine but not the best..
  5. its a monthly service they offer, but its free by the way, there are different topics and always an option to view past webinars, its really good.
  6. the govs will always try to impose certain restrictions etc, most restrictions are for personal gain in my opinoin, more like the standardization theory, they try to put a standard for everything which will not work with forex, i wont even try to duel in such issues, what matters is i am able to trade and make profit and simply get it. thats it
  7. what im doing currently with lmfx account is simply taking back my investment, though i did make one profit withdrawal, nothing too big, but my monthly aim is simply anything positive even if its 0.01% it will do, its better than anything negative
  8. preserve wealth? It what sense? i mean extra money? preserved? I mean, if you enter the forex market by investing in brokers like lmfx then its an investment, its still a business that has it risks and need work for it to bloom, im not sure if you can do it like a bank deposit, in other cases one can simply invest in pamm accounts.
  9. i still think they are able to trade, though im pretty sure most international investment companies are not that welcome. like forex brokrs etc... heard from a chinese friend. but lets see how it goes.
  10. ok so the gov is trying to deny forex access yet many still trade, like for example, i get my forex earning through transferring funds from skrill to my local bank account or through ATM withdrawals through the skrill ATM, money coming from skrill is not specified and does appear as remittances which is ok, though im pretty sure forex trading is not prohibited around here. the same goes for others, they still manage to trade and get their earnings through third party money processing companies which will appear as remittances, in some cases in countries where online jobs are popular it might as well be considered online salaries. the gov will have a hard time tracking these transactions, especially in third world countries. china trades global forex even if they are that strict.
  11. I cant say much about chinese, i guess its a little to complicated, and maybe even not allowed in their country, in singapore there are many good brokers and the SG government has strict licenses there..
  12. its a divers trade, i mean young people get exposed to online trading all thanks to ads, and people now a days are making money online, through ads and blogs, and trading can be a good alternative for kids of such.. japanese gamers trade as well, even making larger money. they are good at it, though i have been trading for years now and still hopeing to do this full time with my lmfx account, lets see how it goes.
  13. of course, trading is not for only rich people, i mean brokers like lmfx offer premium accounts as low as 50 USD with enough hard work you can turn it to 200-500 in a couple of months, as long as you have a good internet connection and a decent pc.. I started with 150 anyway. and made my way up.
  14. we can speculate, but in the end we can never say for sure, usually these are restrictions that are really for the government but sold to people in the name of "its for your own good" i dont like it. but ona positive note its good to have brokers that accepts traders from such regions, in the end as long as we make good money then its good. thats all that matters really.
  15. there are a couple, not so sure how good they are i mean, i dont live in the us but i did see a list of broker that accept us trader somewhere.
  16. yeah it looks like an added license, the broker is pretty much expanding from the looks of it.
  17. lmfx is only one of a handful of EU brokers that accepts US traders. i think there are a dozen or so world wide. and i hope there would be more.
  18. yes on a positive note, i think lmfx is only one of 5 brokers in the EU region that accepts US traders, the thing might as well aply to Japan and canada, thats some good news for restricted traders bond by silly laws.
  19. yeah if im not mistaken lmfx is one of 5 EU brokers that accept US traders, and thats a good thing, I mean its already hard as it is to trade us based brokers, thats why many move off shore.
  20. I can also suggest looking into broker options, i mean I also trade this broker LMFX they are quiet new but with really good results.
  21. I guess im a step ahead of you, i have to say its a good broker, spreads are very competitive compared to others, and i have no issue with withdrawals what so ever, on a positive note the broker accepts US traders.
  22. does anyone here trade gold as well, any insight on xauusd?
  23. speaking of lmfx the first couple of months have been good and nothing out of the usual, the execution is still fast, made a 2nd withdrawal processd easily. yes i agree they do have a good support
  24. yup, like in general risk is every where and its just up to how we or they manage it that makes a difference, the CHF move last year was CRAZY seriously ridiculous but thats forex for you.
  25. Try google there should be a thing or two about him (y). he seems interesting, experience is always an advantage
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