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  1. good line up of webinars this year, will be catching some of them hopefully. thanks for sharin.
  2. I mainly trade gold, though trading is more of a hobby like coz i only open 2-4 trades a week gold ang eurusd. and just watch the chart for days. 3 days after new year the prices starts to revert going back to where it used to be in november.
  3. with the new year comes the new upgrade of the webtrader, not a bad start at all..
  4. hey best of luck, the registration is still on going, and the contest has started..
  5. of course, avoid market makers, its only them who earn, and a big percentage of traders dont, go with good stp ecn brokers like hotforex and lmfx these are decent that i currently trade
  6. that black swan was one heck of an event and it was not just smaller firms and brokers, big names like alpari got sweapt like crazy, it affected a lot of people, im not so sure if ironfx troubles right now is related, but even fxcm i think had to make a 300m loan to maintain. though luckly brokers like hotforex was able to coup up.
  7. its a fairly new broker with three trading accounts, premium zero and fixed, actually im tradine a test account on premium, the minimum is 50 dollars. its been reacting quite good, stability is excellent, very active support. will keep updates if anything comes up.
  8. they do not have bad reputation, except for instaforex i guess, many brokers dont like FPA due to the truth being revealed there. forexpeace army helped lots of traders, and exposed lots of bad brokers like 5starforex and capitalone and the issues with ironfx etc. the best place to actually know a broker is forex peace army. i have not seen any other site that can be actually better than them .
  9. non of them will actually reply, its the same person with the same spam. dirty marketing, the issue is all over forexpeacearmy paid people.
  10. and your account number is? lets see if you can provide one! the problem with such new account in this forums, its more of claims with nothing to show after? some should check forexpeacearmy and see what im talking about! some is paying people to post such nonsense!
  11. this jettmoore been spamming forums and review sites talking about some BS but never even justifying what he claims, do you even have an acount with hotforex to begin with or are you just another paid poster? for the benifit of the doubt lets see you try and reply to this post and let me know what nonesense are you talking about?
  12. im not sure how far it is from zulu, i havent tried them but there was a time zulu was offered by hotforex in the past, i think this was 2 years ago.
  13. maybe if you are a muslim and not located in a muslim country, just to be sure the best way to know would be asking support directly, they do have a live chat option.
  14. I've seen some IB offer up t 6dollars per lot if im not mistaken, but honestly i forgot which one
  15. guy any pointers on where gold and silver is heading for this month?
  16. hey guys anyone here trades gold or silver? any pointer?
  17. another thing that might seem simple but i hope people or traders should be more aware off, that quitters never won anything, so dont give up. as long as you push forward you are bond to improve one way or another
  18. yeah there is a different between a popular platform and a good platform, mt4 is the most popular one even hotforex uses is, may ease of acquiring or simple because of all the possibilities that it has from add ons etc.
  19. hey thatnks for sharing this, a new contest happening.. very nice. let me check the details.
  20. I got an email once about a local hotforex webinar here in manila, wasnt able to attend due to my day job. but hopefully it happens again.
  21. thanks for sharing thats one interesting book, Ill look into it
  22. as far as i know, the closest office would be bangladesh, though forex trading is something new for people here in the philippinse but its gaining popularity. hopefully one day they would concider having an office here, but so far no hassle even if its like an off shore broker. many local brokers end up bad here, one example is metsi trade, was strong at first then ended up really bad.
  23. if its the definition then there are tons online, try google,but for a broker, yeah it can be confusing, many claim to be true ECN yet its not, some are good some are bad, but in the end we make the best of what we have, I trade an STP/ECN broker hotforex and its good. simple.
  24. its all about the mind set, this is how i look at it, losing money is part of it definitly but, the thing i try to achieve is finding ways to lessen the loses rather than expanding the profit, you could say a bit of both, that way its easier not to get too frustrated with loses, loses are normal i even burned an account with hotforex a ccouple of years back, and learned from it.
  25. I got an email about a seminar here in the philippines, good news indeed cant wait to have them open an offices here.
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