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  1. yup, it really is, most countries are on their toes with this event, im kinda waiting to see what will happen next
  2. already done this lets see how it goes. hopefully can win some
  3. yeah its now alot user friendly though maintain the classical look, very nice..
  4. how did the NFP go guys? any one catched a good pip from it?
  5. yeah they have come a long way, but the positive here is the stability and constant performance by the broker, havent had problems so far.
  6. i was wondering if anyone would actually put up a number out there, well to be honest non would be comfortable with saying it out loud here, and i guess thats normal, well i would say my profit is concidered good as long as at the end of each month its positive even if its simply a 1 cent profit better than a lose, 1% of anything is better than 100% of nothing
  7. this is a good read actually makes sense, since i do play poker (as a hobbie) and trade hotforex as well. i find the link quiet interesting, pokwer might be gambling but its down to how you handle it since you are given ht option to cut loses or strike big if you know the numbers. though i would say forex trading can be more complicated since its not limitted to a deck of 52 cards and 9 players if you know what i mean
  8. i dont know about binary, its like more o a final push this year, its not really that popular and have seen many close.. unlike forex in my opinion more stable, yeah many would look at binary as gambling..
  9. its march now, was able to catch a cuople of feb, really good.. im really pleased..
  10. good customer service i say.. well done indeed and im looking forward to a steady groth they have been on a steady improvement since they started and thats a really good sign.
  11. yup thats another way to look at it, its a network of markets that affect each other, theoretically the technicals are the same, it might differ in fundamentals thats why..
  12. theaoretically stock trading is almost the same in terms of strategies, but it differs in terms of knowledge of the local stock you are willing to trade, i have bin looking into stock trading and i might try it as well. just not so sure yet and forex seems to be doing good lately so who knows
  13. its not easy to get a basic concept regarding the worlds third largest market, but my best bet would be google
  14. I wont say accurate, but there are good users at investing.com comment section, I lurk there whihe trading with my hotforex account. some good traders with pretty much decent analysis its just hard distinguishing which is which.. best of luck.
  15. yes its refundable, i guess, just hope people wont abuse it just saying.. but its still a good initiative by the broker.
  16. happy holidays everyone, i guess trading stops till next year, lol. see you all in 2017
  17. have you guys got the lmfx email regarding the 0 fee deposits.
  18. not much experience with stock sorry. how is it going?
  19. usually i do, it has something to do with final result at the end of the week/month, by moving SL you limit the probability of loses.. at least thats what i do with my hotforex account
  20. haha I hope he did, if not I guess we will never know.. when people hit a certain goal, they tend to not actually feel the urge to share it anymore
  21. success will take as ong as it has to take I mean some can do it faster than others, but its not that the time needed is of the essense really, its more about how determined are you to gain that success..
  22. as long as the broker stay competitive with new updates and yearly upgrades its good, its a good sign really.. re assuring.
  23. i dont trade pamm, though if you guys find any good options do share thanks..
  24. good news indeed.. well done hotforex
  25. I think its 10 for regular air mail. 40 if you decide to use DHL regular mail should be fine if you are in no rush.. the skrill card costs me 29 for regular when i got it but i think thats the annual fee, another 10 for pre somehthing.
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