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  1. Try out StrategYard - You can create and experiment with multiple trading strategies, automate your trades and even win real cash prize if your trading strategy works out. However, as with any simulator, understand that there are some differences between simulator and real market.
  2. Your good judgement is the best indicator.
  3. Do they also have for foreign markets ? I would be interested in buying foreign markets data. -Strategyard.com
  4. So did anyone get a chance to try this site yet?
  5. - Practice rule-based trading - Try demo account first - Develop trading strategies - Identify metrics to measure your strategy's performance - Do not deviate from your plan.
  6. strategYard.com also offers web server API to allow users to develop automated trading strategy. You will have to find data source on your own, but you can use any language (matlab, c#, java) to develop your strategies.
  7. Understand different forces that affect stock price. Sometimes, the prices for many stocks move in group. One company's events affect the other. The macro-economic factors like country's debt, unemployment drive prices down. The final price is the combined results of all these factors, which make price moves nearly random. The trick is to filter out noise from signal and identify patterns from which you can profit.
  8. Use technical indicators to identify entry and exit points. If you are lazy, just subscribe to some experts who give you their picks for a fee.
  9. As I always say, trading is as much of an art as it is a science. The more practice you get, the better you become at trading. Once you are confident that you can profit, jump in to a real market.
  10. What's so special about Zumo? What are they offering? -strategYard.com
  11. I use pure java to implement my trading strategy that are run against virtual broker strategyard.com. You should be able to get Java third party-libraries that are comparable to matlab components. In case you can't find one, just use Matlab for computation. I think there is a way to call Matlab script from Java. In the worst case, use File I/O to communicate between Java and Matlab.
  12. It also depends on what stock you are trying to trade, what the current market is doing and many other factors. Even if you find the right numbers now, it is likely to change with the market. You strategy should be evolve as the dynamics changes. - strategYard.com
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