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  1. I hope you traded this - you would be driving a Lambo by now!
  2. Gentlemen, I assume we are keeping it somewhat civil?
  3. Hi guys, any legal notes should probably be in private messages. (However, I am not sure that legal action here is the best step!!)
  4. Frankly, I thought it was a bit crazy. Not sure if someone else gives this type of talk credibility. All a bit 'different' to me!!
  5. Came across this post while browsing some private discussion threads, and found it to be interesting on two levels. 1. The topic itself regarding "how random is randomness"? 2. That people are obsessed with statistics. I think some people overcomplicate trading.
  6. What are your thoughts on this study? Seems like he is overthinking something rather simple, if you ask me! I was just doing a small study on randomness and came across some interesting results and would like to get some reflection from others. Generated 1048576 coin flips ( "ZERO" or "ONE") randomly using ROUND(RAND(),0) I did this 11 different times. In other words, the above formula was dropped in 11 different columns and generated 1048576 coin flips for each column. Now let's assume that each column is an individual stand-alone trading strategy. I wanted to figure out what the worst/best case scenario could be for a strategy that relied on random buys/sells. Worst/best case scenario that I'm defining in this small study is how many times a win/loss occurred Consecutively. In other words, how many times did the coin flip equal heads consecutively. "Zero" (randomly generated by excel) could either be a win or a loss "One" (randomly generated by excel) could either be a win or a loss The consecutive win/loss for the 11 stand-alone strategies: Strat1 16 Strat2 20 Strat3 17 Strat4 17 Strat5 18 Strat6 17 Strat7 21 Strat8 18 Start9 17 Start10 17 Start11 18 Those results do not seem random to me. So can we argue that if I created more strategies and more random coin flips, there could be a strategy that has a million flips that resulted in a loss each time (since for a coin flip at each flip the odds are 50/50). Thoughts?
  7. I saw this on one of my email threads, and wanted your thoughts on it. It is a research piece done by Matti Williamson The Rise of the Commodities: Astro Traders If you are a seasoned trader then you already know global markets are being mutated by central banks and governments. It is only a matter of time until your home-made recipes for trading success will rot beyond recognition. There is one market that will be so bent out of shape that even the financially uneducated will be forced to peak into Pandora's Box which was opened at the beginning of 2013. Meet the Astro Traders Fundamental traders chew the cud of key economic figures to produce a fair long-term trade with medium-size yield. Some will drive their trades in accordance to the weather, hoping to catch a rainy day that will fluctuate the market, the more the merrier. 2013 has given birth to the next generation, Astro-Traders. The Weather Historic temperatures, earthquakes, tsunamis, sinkholes and tornados were felt across distanced locations across the globe. The arctic ice is melting, causing the ocean's temperatures to rise. According to a recent research made by the Research School Earth of Sciences discovered the Antarctic Ice is melting at a record rate, more than the past 1,000 years. Another research that was based on 50 million laser images from NASA satellite confirms the glaciers are melting at a rapid pace. In simple words, if the oceans' temperatures are rising we should expect to see one of the hottest summers on record, enriched with natural disasters with at least two that will unleash the roughness of Mother Nature. The X-Flares The radioactive flares will be the new, mutated fundamentals traders will use to trade the market. A solar flare is a burst of energy from the Sun's surface, which is equivalent to 160,000,000,000 megatons of TNT. The flare unleashes ions, atoms and electrons from the sun, commonly known as Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). If the flare is aimed at earth, X-rays and UV will hit Earth's upper atmosphere, which may lead to geomagnetic storms, leading to radio blackouts here on earth. Although the radiation remains in space I believe some of the particles penetrate our atmosphere and distorts Mother Nature, which in return blames us and smites us with her deadliest weapons, 'natural disasters.' I made an extensive research on the documented X-Flares, the most powerful flares from the Sun and within a number of days of the event a natural disaster took place on Earth. When the CME hits earth, there are earthquakes or 'spacequakes.' Papua New Guinea, August 2010. An earthquake prediction was released on 1st August following a significant eruption from the sun. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake was felt on the 3rd August. The Earthquake March 2011, Japan's earthquake followed by a great tsunami. On 9th March, 2011 a powerful X-flare erupted from the sun towards Earth. According to NASA, the CME struck Earth's magnetic field at a speed of 2,200 kilometers per second. Japan's earthquake was as a result of the X-flare. The Rise of the Commodities Wheat, Corn and Soybean are extremely sensitive to changing weather conditions. Farmers planted a significant amount of corn according to the USDA to prepare for a tough summer, perhaps the toughest of the century. The extreme weather is likely to take its toll and we will see historic highs for the commodities I have mentioned. I believe the newborn Astro-traders will immediately buy those commodities if the sun's X-flare hits earth, which could generate peculiar weather conditions. In the Forex market, astro-traders will rush into the Japanese safe-haven currency on concerns a natural disaster will take place.
  8. Definitely agree in that we should try to discuss products properly. Which forum is there a mature discussion about ofa
  9. Wow, interesting. Thanks for the feedback!!
  10. Hi, please feel free to start a thread discussing your system. We do not want private vendor or product contacts, though. Thanks
  11. Hi, Instead of sharing email at this point, you can share your methods in our forums. This is because we don't want any type of private sales on these forums.
  12. That's my system, too. Too bad I seem to not buy or sell at the right spots always!! :crap: Haha. I think that's everyone's system really.
  13. Hi, I think techcrunch has moved on to other things, and aren't really reviewing forex brokers!...
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