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  1. Open live account and you can play every day:rofl:
  2. This is My return for April:helloooo:
  3. TA is crap....focus on the content not on the form or the pattern...all fthis Falgs , Double Tops Bottoms,Triangles, 123's and so on are only randomly created forms they dont give a predictable outcome, but if you know what is inside you will go whit the Smart Money and make some money....
  4. The market fail to create new Accumulation Zone .....I am expecting new drop to 1.2750 Level....the abbreviation sounds cool....Failure to Accumulate...FAcc.:haha:
  5. Nice day....high volume sell off....I am looking for a new demand zone to be created ...
  6. Ha..they got me today...on the mark up...:crap:
  7. I am still bearish for EUR/USD(referal to 1hr.)....reason for this is there was no sell off yet...no climax selling...My current possition is Short, the entry was@ 1.2827 stop 16 pips....target@ 1.2770/60...:helloooo:
  8. There is a slow and steady selling going on for EURUSD. I need to see some climax selling when the herd catch up...first sign of temporall bottom....
  9. And here is the big picture....SZ (supply zone) 1.2875/1.2843 was still active, the market reaction was to build new zone where the big smart money was selling to the retail buyers herd...this is the phase known @ Distribution , I prefer to call it Accumulation of Buy Orders then the mark down phase follow (some people call it down trend)...and the winner is The Market a.k.a. Banks, Institutions, Pension Funds..... :rofl: Ups, I forgot My Target1@1.2890 was missed by 15 pips....
  10. Here is the trades for 02.04 1 loss -16 and 1win +40...
  11. Trading whit no Stops..... FTT to FTT ....In my opinion the biggest blunder in JH Method is that he thinks for price and volume like a object like a shape, the shape doesn't means nothing, the price shape is not important , more important is the big money buying or selling .... .if somebody can do it please join to TL Forex Contest and prove it.... I am there and everybody can see My trades..wins and losses...
  12. Its funny to look back and see how my predictions are doing.....blue line was what I forecast for today the red line is what actually happened....The good part is that Demand Zone was holding more buy orders just enough to drive the price back to the Supply Zone, sooner or later one of this zones will run out of gas.....and then boom:wtf:
  13. @ promised, here is the trade I did today...Long in Demand Zone Exit @ Supply Zone...I am still bullish on EURUSD, but decision to close this trade is the 2 Supply Zones overhead...and the Market probably will go sideways...... better to exit and wait to see how the price will react...I linked this contest account whit MyFxbook the name is EasyPa.it will show all the trading activity , statistics and so on....:missy:
  14. You need first to know where are you in the Market cycle, are you in accumulation phase, mark up ( known @ up trend) , distribution or ( mark down aka. down trend) and then to use appropriate strategy to enter the Market...
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