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  1. If this is your first time learning about trading, make sure you check out the videos. Also look into investing some money in some decent trading books.
  2. Go to My Account -> Edit Profile Once you fill in the blank fields, the Trader Specs options willl show.
  3. What do you think of Traders Laboratory?
  4. The potential of a decent income and independence. Trading is a one man job which offers plenty of freedom. Trading must be treated like a business. Those who read one technical analysis book and enter the markets have close to a 100% failure rate.
  5. Depending on your vendor the cost can range anywhere from $100 - $250+. Check your pm... I just sent you a link to our preferred service.
  6. Try "Trading in the Zone" by Mark Douglas. He also has another excellent book on trading psychology called "The Disciplined Trader". I have read Ari Kiev's, "The Psychology of Risk" but found Mark Douglas' book to be better.
  7. Here's a couple more useful sites: 1. http://www.CBSmarketwatch.com 2. http://www.cnnfn.com 3. http://www.financialweb.com 4. http://www.futuresource.com 5. http://www.iqc.com 6. http://www.zacks.com
  8. If you are looking to trade the eminis, I would say anything under $5 roundtrip for commission is reasonable. Anything over it is too much.
  9. A video on the TICK's can be found in this thread. Another video on a trading strategy using the TICK's. CLICK HERE. Check this thread for market profile trading strategies. Hope this helps.
  10. This is a common question asked by many new traders. In many occasions new traders will receive 3 different answers. Futures, stocks, and forex. I think the best way to start is to pick one market/stock/currency and study it. Get to know the financial instrument you are trading fairly well before you risk any money. My personal favorite are the e-mini futures. The futures markets give me good leverage. But the most important thing is that I have pretty much specialized in it. Do what you do best instead of poking your nose where it doesnt belong. If you are interested in trading stocks, I would recommend beginning with NYSE stocks. For futures, I would recommend the dow mini's. Hard to say about the Forex since I don't trade it. Any recommendations on the Forex markets?
  11. Labcast


    Here's my litltle secret, the NYSE is a better place to day trade stocks. You can make a decent living trading just trading slow NYSE stocks. Leave the NASDAQ excitement for the e-heroine junkies.
  12. Labcast


    Which market do you prefer for day trading stocks? Keep this poll going!
  13. Discipline and money management is a requirement for successful trading. Unfortunately most people do not have the selfl discipline.
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