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  1. Does anyone know if TradeStation provides data feed for mini AG products on the CBOT? Is it possible to use esignal data to and chart products on TS? Thank you.
  2. Wanted to ask a few questions about gold. I have been looking at this for quite some time now. I am curious to know what type of fundamentals move gold and if gold is better for swing trading and not intraday trading? What type of traders are behind this contract? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Thank you for the explanation Torero. WOW! I never thought about this but yet its so simple. Powerful trading tip.. thank you
  4. Thank you Raul and protrader. I have been learning several new strategies through this forum. Just like any newbie I relied heavily on indicators without cleary knowing how they work. I started using S&R points and pivot points. What I find difficult is when the market rotates back and forth between the daily pivot or opening price. How important is the opening price? I try to look for short opportunities when price is trading below the opening price and vice versa. Thank you. Lopen
  5. Lately the market has been consolidating making it tough to trade for newbies like me. I would like some advice from the experienced traders in this forum. How do you know when to stay away and when to trade aggressively? Do you still trade in the current market conditions? Ive been chopped around badly lately and have been taking losses. Any advice would help. Thanks
  6. I would like to know if there is any slippage when trading the emini index futures. Also can anyone recommend a good emini broker? Thank you
  7. How about the Russell? Is it any good?
  8. I am interested in learning how to trade the eminis. I do like the leverage futures provide unlike stocks. My questions is: for a beginner emini trader, what contract should I start with?
  9. Just put entrepreneur. Alot of traders I know run their own businesses as well.
  10. Im still new to technical analysis but would like to know if this really works? This whole concept seems to work just because traders believe in it.
  11. Which market do you recommend a beginning trader to start with? I understand the difference in leverage between the stock, futures, and forex markets. Thanks
  12. I often read in trading books how a trader must find his or her style. Can anyone explain this to me? I guess I have yet to find my style but would like to have some kind of idea what it is I am supposed to look for. Thanks in advance.
  13. Lopen

    New Forex Trader

    Couple recommendations: Reminiscences of a Stock Operator -- by Edwin Lef?vre; Paperback Wheels of Fortune: The History of Speculation -- by Charles R. Geisst; Hardcover Market Wizards -- by Jack D. Schwager; Paperback The New Market Wizards -- by Jack D. Schwager; Paperback Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom -- by Van K. Tharp; Hardcover High Probability Trading -- by Marcel Link; Hardcover New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems -- by J. Welles Wilder; Hardcover Smarter Trading -- by Perry Kaufman; Hardcover Trading Systems and Methods -- by Perry J. Kaufman; Hardcover The Mathematics of Money Management -- by Ralph Vince; Hardcover
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