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  1. No wonder I couldn't find it, it wasn't last week it was last YEAR! Good article, though!
  2. I can not find the first part of this series. Can you provide a link? Thanks!
  3. What does "fanboy" mean? If it is meant to be some form of a pejorative then I guess we can't have a civilized conversation here, which by the way is the reason for this forum. But then again forums like this can serve some people as a means of anonymously attacking other people for the sheer pleasure of it.
  4. Junk? Really! What do you consider to be a top notch "Professional" platform? Oh, and the lifetime multi-broker license is $1000. BTW: In the strict sense a "Professional" in any category is defined as someone who gets paid to perform a service or produce a product (in our case - MONEY). To my thinking, a "Professional" is not defined by what trading platform he uses, but by whether or not he earns a living from trading. The platform that is used to accomplish this is a DISTANT second! The platform will not transform an amateur into a professional and a professional can trade with anything and still be a professional.
  5. You must be right, thats why it is the most popular charting software there is! I have been using NT since 2008 and it is a great program. You can say that it is not a good fit for you or that it lacks some feature that is important to you, but its not reasonable to say that NT is "an amateurish limited software"! I am not familiar with Sierra Charts, but have heard some good things about it. There is no need to denigrate NT because you like SC better.
  6. Hi Blue: In your experience, what could someone trading (1) ES contract with a 10K account expect to make? Assuming they know what they are doing. Big assumption I know! Using your experience with your trading, just scale up from your figures today. I assume you know what your average daily profit is? Example: you have a 100K account and make $2000 per day. That is equivalent to a 10K account making $200 per day. Thanks!
  7. Huh? What are you trying to say? What is "F&O"?
  8. So ... what do you think about AAPL now? Are we going to "double-down"?
  9. You seem to want to make this personal for some reason. Ok, you say I have not contributed, exactly how have you contributed? I have not contributed, but then again, I'm not the one claiming to have answers. I'm not asking for anyone to "spoon feed" me. Just don't feed me a lot of BS and tired old cliches and claims of competency as a trader without proving it by being specific. BTW, what do you mean by "naming names" and how am I asking anyone to "bust their gut"? Posting a simple strategy that they employ is asking too much? I'm just asking that those who are claiming they trade profitably and have the answers, prove it by being specific about how they trade. If someone has a strategy that works, its probably dead simple. Most things that work are. It should be simple to communicate it to everyone. I understand that one strategy does not fit all, but why not give others a chance to "try it on for size" and see if it fits? If you are afraid that if your strategy gets out it will not work anymore, I think you have nothing to fear. Odds are its already being employed by others and how many people are going to read this thread and employ it? I'm just trying to point out to some that not everyone is as they appear to be. There are many charlatans out there! There are all kinds of generalizations that are made which are passed around and provide no details on specific strategies. If someone is not going to be specific, what is the point? The generally accepted rules of trading are everywhere and do not need to be constantly repeated ad-nauseum. The OP was asking for a "Strategy That Works". If someone has one, post it. If not, why bother everyone with "I have a strategy that works, but I won't tell you".
  10. If the metric you use to judge that is the market indexes, then I would have to disagree. Those indices are constantly re-balanced. Older stocks dropped, new ones added. The DJIA and SP500 of today bare little to no relationship to those indices of the past.
  11. Steve: I'm not referring to you specifically. You demonstrated your trading acumen BEFORE people paid for your class. That is the way it should be. But it is caveat emptor. I'm just saying that trading acumen needs to be demonstrated before I would buy. By the way, you state " Try paying attention to the context joseph (it will help you to find your own success)". Who's to say that I am not successful at trading? That is my whole point! We are all anonymous on the net and can effectively be whoever we want to be.
  12. .... A final comment about obtaining "proof"...I realize that is it fashionable to request financial records from vendors....hey...have at it if you must but from my point of view it is much better to do your own investigation. Not only can you obtain the data (your ultimate proof) but the advantage you get from doing this work yourself is that you have up to date evidence that a strategy works (or does not) and if you find something worth doing, the work you did to "prove it" provides you the internal confidence that helps you to "pull the trigger" confidently when you are trading it yourself.... Regarding "proof" as regards to strategy performance and trading acumen, the old saying comes to mind "those that can, do ... those that can't, teach" (or in this case, sell! ). When you ask someone to spend thousands of dollars for a strategy or course of study, you surely don't expect someone to do this on faith, do you? They want to have some idea that the strategy they are purchasing has some validity and certainly that the person selling it has a past (preferably extensive) history of making money trading this strategy and trading (making money )in general.
  13. Windsurfer: I'm not necessarily saying you have to publish your strategies (although why not?), it just doesn't make sense why traders who say they are successful, and do not want to share the reasons for their success, are even on these forums. You say: "my answer: there is a lot of good advice here about the steps to take, time involved, the products to look at, etc that can be helpful." Why would they be interested in advice on subjects they say they have already mastered? My point is why not share what has worked for you? If you are afraid that the word will get out and your setups will no longer work, I think those fears are unfounded. Their is no "Holy Grail". As someone mentioned before, good setups are a dime a dozen. The real secret lies in the psychology and the discipline of trading, but a good setup is needed as well. Plenty of people have shared some setups they use so why not share yours? This stuff of "give me $5000 and I will tell you" smacks of a school playground with " I have a secret and I'm not going to tell you!". Some of you say you are very successful. Great! Forums are for sharing ideas. Why not share? And if you are not into sharing then again my question: Why are you here? This all presupposes that those who claim to be successful traders on these forums are in fact successful. If they are successful, then why not share the information? And if they are not and merely pretending, then they are wasting all our time!
  14. Ok, I hear where you are coming from. You put in the time and money to learn to trade and why should you just give it away? Given that most of the people on this, and all other forums, are struggling to learn to trade and that is the reason they are here, I have a question for you and a couple of others who have said basically the same thing as you. Why are you here? If you have the answers that the rest of us are seeking but are refusing to share those answers then why participate? Is it ego? Does it give you a kick to tease everyone else with the knowledge that you withhold? I think its all BS! I think the truly successful traders are not on these forums, but are too busy making money to engage in foolishness and bravado! So, until you are willing to prove just how successful you are and how you have the trading world by the tail, go on thumping your chests. The rest of us know just what you and your kind are all about!
  15. I'm curious, what do you mean by "trail datafeeds"?
  16. I never provided my phone number when I joined, nor do I recall being asked to do so. Who called you? I notice no response when I asked for some specifics to your trading decisions. Or, did we receive your response by you taking a powder?!
  17. What is the basis for your trading decisions? Can you give us an idea of what rules/system you employ for trading? Thanks!
  18. What position sizes are you putting on to achieve those gains?
  19. Regarding Ford: if your system/rules say you should hold Ford than hold it. If they say to sell it, than sell it. But, don't kick yourself for not getting the top/bottom on a stock. Just follow your rules! Leave some for the other guy you sold to!
  20. No questions. You explained it thoughly! Thanks! alot!
  21. I'm curious .... in what way does it remind you of when you started?
  22. Can you give us any details on your strategy? 3-5 trades per day sounds like the volume of trading that I am looking for. Thanks!
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