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  1. I spoke to TOS, and they said their stops are NOT SEEN by the market, as they are stored on TOS servers (NOT stored on your computer, like Ninja does, and NOT at a market maker, who can also take out your stops, and NOT at the exchange where it is viewable by the entire market). So, they are safe, and fast, and not seen by the market, so they are not hit as often as viewable stops. I have found that viewable stops by the market are nearly always hit.
  2. MB also offers futures, stocks, forex. They are highly rated for forex. I still have not gotten futures to work with my Ninja. Don't yet know what's wrong. Futures/stocks requires a separate balance/account from Forex. I really wanted to use Ninja with equities, but so far, have had too many problems/lockups with the interface between Ninja and the brokerage. I've tried TD, MB so far, but not IB.
  3. Thank you for your positive suggestion. This was a very helpful reply. Best wishes
  4. Ok, thank you for all your replies. I do appreciate all the positive suggestions. I have decided that this idea could not possibly work. I have no additional questions so this post can be closed. Thank you,
  5. Thank you for all of your replys. I do appreciate all the advice given. Sometimes it is best just to read, but I really wanted some feedback, which I did get, both positive and negative. I did immedately decide to do what was suggested, as it was clear that I had come up with an idea that would not work. LOL As a result of my reading of your suggestions, the truth became obvious. I don't consider all posts rude by any means. Most posters here have the very best intention to help others. That I appreciate. Sometimes, we must reread our thoughts to see how others will hear them. I often, re write something to improve it's meaning, and to make the thought non judgemental. All the best,
  6. Oldies, why do you act so rude towards people who ask simple questions? You treat people like they are ignorant. You too, were ignorant when you started. Courtesy goes a long way to make a Forum a fun, safe, interesting place to spend your time learning. But not with all these ?!? ! RUDE REPLYS!
  7. My goal is to become a successful trader as quickly as possible. Since success breeds success. Once you are successful, then it becomes easier to be successful at the next step. So, I am trying to perfect a 1 tick trade. (See profit below.) Here's my idea. EXAMPLE: I see that the market has slowed down, and is trading in a very tight range, and gradually moving down: The action would be 1 tick up ($900.25), and then 1 tick back down ($900.00), back and forth. This trade assumes that I have an advantage over the market, and know which way the trade direction is going. Which I may not have. LOL Idea 1: Create a programmed strategy to place 50 contracts, with a target of 1 tick, and a stop loss of 1 tick. If I want to go short: When the current price is on $900.00, place the trade directly above at $900.25). Benefit, if I am in the right direction, and it fills, I have saved 1 tick. I can actually make a profit, by immediately placing a buy at $900.00, when it hits or crosses. Biggest disadvantage: I may not get filled on my entry. Also, the trade may fill, and then continue on up to hit my 1 tick stop loss at 900.50. Idea 2: Create a programmed strategy to place 50 contracts, with a target of 1 tick, and a stop loss of 2 ticks. Using the same strategy. Wait til the price goes to 900.25, and then immediately place the trade at 900.00. Benefit, it will most probably fill as price hits or crosses. The market is moving in the right direction. Biggest disadvantage: I have lost a 1 tick advantage, and now have to hit or cross 999.75 to make a profit. If the market continues on up, I will have a 2 tick loss atl 900.50. I was doing this today on CL and GBPusd. Unfortunately, sometimes, I got in on the wrong side of the trade. LOL Which do you think would be a preferable strategy, or do you have an alternate idea? Aloha, Randy Profit. Take two 1 tick trades with 50 contracts (margin $20,000). 2 ticks x $12.50 x 50 contracts. Gross $1250 - $400 commission = $850 profit.
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