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  1. an indicator is available working with ninja platform NT7 in ninja support forum ( ninja script file sharing section.)free to use if u r using the same platform.
  2. to use ninja with IB,u need there api connection.NINJA and IB always have some issues on there versions.U can not use NINJA latest version with IB.I recomende u to use ninja directly connected with data feed and a broker who offer that.OPTIMUS FUTURES,GLOBAL FUTURES,EFLOORTRADERS.com AMP.com or MIRUS futures.com all good in commission and in data providing.
  3. To open a future account,u must have transfer from bank ,,wire or a check.u can not fund your account with cash or credit card.In forex,u can use credit card to fund but can not move funds to future account like 3 months or so.Forex brokers have all this info,just check web sites.
  4. hi croosbones,no file or attachment is here.u need to try an other time plz.AND 450$$$ stop loss is not too big?what is your profit target?And by the way,which platform u r using for this strategy,,,ninja or trade station or some thing else?
  5. open e cry simulating is only for 15 days.
  6. only in forex,,real time data is free for demo.if u want real time demo,u have to open an account with some stock/future broker,,,like IB,MIRUS,VELOCITY,AMP or GLOBAL FUTURES, or some like this.u can fund your account and stay in demo as long as u able to go for live trade.it depend what u like to trade
  7. i think.none of them in the list of ninja trader support but u can ask this question in ninja support forum or directly to tos if they have api switch for ninja.
  8. i have a real time acount with IB(interactive brokers)charges for data are very low,,downloads for ninja is available in there support forum.almost every thing is there.or u can try bigmiketrading.com goodluck
  9. if u have a data feed ,use ninja trader,,,,,every thing is real in demo.historical data is free end of day in ninja with kinetick as well.u can test your strategies and indicators as long as u want.
  10. Wolfe Wave Home Page is solution for all this theory.web site has a lot information.
  11. hi, Thanks for your reply.it was an indicator where i was looking a real time alert like a sound but i got an other one with real alert.so no need to spend time on it.An other help i m looking now if u can.i m testing a STRATEGY,,,called vervoort MAcrossover with ninja platform7.It is in the forum and free to use.u can down load it from there.it works fine,the only problem is it reverse un necessorely.many time it happened,if it do not reverse possition,,it is more profitable because as soon as it reverse,market also take turn at the same point so it is useless at that point.I need to work it only like hit the target and or stop as inputs of choice.IF u please give a look and fix this i appreciate that. Thanks again for your offer.
  12. i like to share here my story.In fact this a kind of advice.never subscribe to a trading room or buy any kind of trading plan unless you have an uppertunity to return it and get refund your money.A lot of people selling garbage.they will talk a lot but practically zero.Do you call a trading room a trading room when moderator never show his trade and never call a trade,,even in sim mod but in daily vidio announce 20 to 30 or some time more ticks profit in e mini ES and keep doing this since long time.Never have a loss.No trial period he offer and he disable comments on his vidio on u tube.Thats e mini junkie,,,,realy junkie as his name.
  13. yes,,this is still effective.it was developed by traderlu.codes are also there but i don't know how to convert these for ninja.charts are still there with thread.on top of this page or TL main page go to forums then indicators and link is right there, SCALPER BUY/SELL REPLICA
  14. Can some body convert this for ninja platform with adding some alerts like a sound when bar change color,,,,plz:doh:
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