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  1. Kind of agree with MMS point that overtime it evens out. I guess it's a trade off of catching a big late move vs stress of wondering;-)) I have often thought that a Trailing/Leading Take Profit order would be good - where you traded as normal but kept a TP say 30 - 50 pips ahead just to catch a sudden spike. Probably not to difficult to program and probably someone already has! cheers Alan
  2. Hi all, still making my mind up! In searching for reviews on IB & MBT I came across a Software Bridge from Ninja to DukasCopy who are my current ecn broker and have had no problems with. Its from Toolsfortrader and costs $495 but they are also an Introducing Broker for DukasCopy and refund virtually half of Dukas commission. Has anyone heard of it? Cheers, Alan
  3. Thanks MMS, yes TS certainly comes well recommended. I certainly am not anti TS, I have often thought that would be the package I end up with and indeed it still might. There is something about Ninja that I like and am impressed with their training etc, next step is to get a broker that I can trade it with and then of course buy it! Is there something you particularly like with TS over NJ. It's always interesting to get others' perspectives. Cheers, Alan
  4. jaturner and mms thanks for your input. mms on your comments;- I do not intend to trade stocks, at the moment just FOREX but would like the ability in the future to trade Oil/Gold/Currency futures/Index Sound like that the Day Trading/ Pattern rules dont apply? jat;- are PFG an ECN do you know? In general how do you find Ninja as the Trade management tool? Thanks again guys. Cheers, Alan
  5. Many thanks MMS One of the problems I have with IB is understanding their rules, Day Trading/Pattern Trading/Deposits etc I am in UK and not sure if everthing applies, they have answered queries but not too clearly:confused: Cheers Alan
  6. I would like to switch to a broker where I can trade direct with Ninja. Anybody got any recommendations? Currently I am thinking of IB or MBT. Would be interested in others experiences. Trhanks Alan
  7. Hi, could you say what about UTA helped in this particular case? There is a lot of talk of how succesful this TradePlan was/is but I backtested from Sep 13 for 4 weeks with standard settings and had very poor results. I am new to NP & SST and although accept I may have made errors I was careful in my testing, I was thinking maybe UTA enabled you to make tweaks that tipped the balance the other way. I am not a UTA user but interested in its capabilities. Many Thanks, Alan
  8. TJ, what do you mean back office site? Do you mean the /setup? It just shows a video when I go there. Would it be possible that there could be an official way of advising us of significant topics? Thanks, Alan
  9. Keith, that's a great post. It raises a question similar to what I was trying to ask in OC a couple of days back, but was hard to put across in a chat room. So I will try to ride on the back of your point. In your case - should you have left your Order in as effectively the setup had gone? I trade FOREX only at the moment and a lot of the time there are small ranges where you get sucked in right at the turn (yes I do try to adjust for them) and you are in danger for getting hit at the full stop. So if you see the original set up opportunity disappear should you take an earlier stop than the printed one? It also manifests itself in another opportunistic way. In your example, the original entry you missed because you had adjusted your entry. I don't know what actually happened but say you had taken the printed entry, the price had retraced a bit (quite common) got stopped and then came back in the desired direction would/could the original entry still be valid although not necessarily printed because of the way the system works*. Similar to what you did, if the signal had changed, it might have kept you out. * This is the hard to explain bit:) A normal entry requires a move past the OSOB Zero line for setup BUT that entry is maintained as long as it stays there. However if a STOP occurs and then turns AND the situation returns to how it was (but obviously not printed) could/should you take the entry. I appreciate that there is a lot of subjectivity for each individual but was interested in a technical view as this happens quite a lot. Thanks for listening to my I thinks this forum can be a great place to help each other. Cheers Alan PS Apologies if I have confused the issue but I confuse myself at times:confused:
  10. Hi All Thank you Netpicks and SST I think this is a great idea to give us a Forum. Just wanted to say thanks and I hope that I can help and be helped here. In some ways SST is very simple in others it can feel very daunting and its not always easy/appropriate to ask a question in the OC as some queries can be a little too complex to key in and ask TJ to respond immediately. I am looking forward to the re-arranged new Calc settings and just to make this post actually ask something, I would like to request that TradePlans are issued in a uniform way and also to make it clear where an extra Decimal place is appropriate or not. Many thanks guys and here's to the success of SST and this forum Cheers. Alan P
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