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  1. Alan, Yes PFG is a straight through Processing (STP) broker as well as ECN. At least that is what they tell me
  2. I use PFG Best with NT. They have Forex & Futures. No problems so far.
  3. TJ, Thanks for the explanation. It makes total since. Funny that I have now been trading the 5min Eur/Usd trade plan. It has been on a killing. I am still not a fan of time charts but as they say "If it aint broke don't fix it" JT
  4. Hello Guys, I am sure everyone is getting the hang of this SST like myself. I have a quick question that I am sure TJ can help me with. I am using Ninja to trade and I prefer to trade the Range Bars instead of ticks. I have no reason why, rather than I started on Range with HVMM and have gotten very comfortable with them. My question is what range would be similiar to a 233 Tick. I use a 6 range for the EUR/USD & The Cable but I was wondering what some other people were using out there and if I maybe should be checking for a different range. Thanks, Jim
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