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  1. Hey guywood, I agree FXDD has been great. I also have interactive brokers for my futures and option trading and my charting with tradestation. I feel this combo covers anything I want to trade.
  2. Alan, The back office is just NetPicks lingo for the download site where you originally downloaded your indicators. You should periodically check back there because that's where you will get the latest set of indicators for the charting platform you are using.
  3. Alan P, thanks for responding to my post. After reading your comments you bring up some great points. In my last situation I could have canceled that re-entry trade because it was adjusted down and did not trigger. 2 candles later we had a close above the trigger line and a reversal printed but did not trigger. The next candle a re-entry setup should have printed but the system thought it was still in the short re-entry trade. I could have manually calculated the setup which would have been at 82.54 ( a better entry? maybe), Moving on, Keith M P.S. In real time I would still keep that entry at 82.49
  4. We all spend countless hours of backtesting and entering our trades into our UTA. We put together our trade plan, then sim trade it for at least 25 perfectly executed trades.Then we go live, and as soon as we do a situation comes up that we have not encountered in all our testing or trading. Lets air these situations out here for all to comment on. This is my response to the question put forward in the owners club by TJ. Today we had a re-entry short trade on the 377 tick cl chart that started during the inventory report but depending how you trade it you could have got in sync with it after the 2 minute waiting period.The entry was at 82.53 but I adjusted down my entry to 82.49 level( it would have triggered at 82.53). 2 candles later a OSOB printed but then it came off on the next candle. We also had a green candle close above the trigger line before the OSOB candle. I kept my entry at 82.49, it triggered and was stopped out for a 17 cent loss. That was the bad news. The good news is we went on and got POQ +65 cents for the day Now I have question for the FTOD crude oil traders that get in sync with the system at 8:50.. What was your FTOD today Wednesday 10-6-2010 and did anyone get in sync with the trade setup that printed at 8:29.
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