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  6. Actually rather than going for software I prefer online platforms as they are more reliable and they also help you by telling where should I invest.
  7. Impatience can make you take wrong decisions that's why it is said that patience whether in trading or in someone's life is very important. If a trader is patient it will help him to make better decisions.
  8. In the beginning, I started with Binance, but later on, a friend of mine suggested two other platforms which are really good for learning bitcoin trading, Olymp Trade, and IQ options. Here are the links for all the three platforms. https://xbinop.com/review/iq-option/ https://xbinop.com/review/olymptrade/ https://www.binance.com/en
  9. Binance and Xbinop are providing some really good courses on cryptocurrencies you should have look.
  10. Many people while starting trading lose their money due to half knowledge. The same happened when bitcoins came into limelight in the beginning. I lost $27000 on bitcoin, I remember that time it was too depressing, but when I started exploring for recovering my money, I found that there are many online platforms who are providing you with very good knowledge about BTC trading and are helping people who are facing problems like this. So I also get in contact with one of the platforms and managed to recover 80% amount of the money I lost. It was very supportive of these guys... Share your stories if this happened with you too.....
  11. A person who is aware of the recent trends and the one who knows where and when to invest makes more money. We should know before investing that what's the score scope of investing in a long or short term investment, we should know the difference. Once, things are clear we can generate more profit.
  12. Never faced a problem like that, as the procedure is quite easy...
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