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  1. Elovemer, Thank you so much for the code. Any hope for getting Volume by Price for ToS? Regards, Bert
  2. Thank you, DB. I tried it and it works for 'daily' time frame. Unfortunately, for intra-day time frames, it can only look back up to 15 days. Very useful. Regards, Bert
  3. Thanks, OAC. I have NT 6.5. As far as I know, the canned indicator that comes with it for VbP only plots with live data or market replay data. Regards, Bert
  4. Hi, Is there a charting package or website, free or fee-based, that allows me to drill down to a particular day and see Volume by Price. For the current day, thanks to dbphoenix, I found out about and use bigcharts, which is free and does have VbP. But, say I want to go back 3 or 6 months and want to see VbP for one day. Can I? Thank you, Bert
  5. ok, I drew this last night. It was way too late and I didn't have the screen capture program installed. Today target was almost hit. It's a 15-min $INDU chart. what do you guys think? was point 5 way too high above the 1-3 line? In Wolfe's website he has a chart where point 5 is quite a bit higher than the 1-3 line. Cheers, Bert
  6. no problem. In any case, no I haven't. I've heard of it, "Streesmarts," I think it's called.
  7. waveslider, Thank you very much for your answers. By the above quote, do you mean: 50% area of the range itself or 50% from the previous swing low to what is now point 2 (2 being the high, assuming we are looking at a bullosh WW)? Thank you, Bert
  8. Thank you to those with useful answers. I don't trade much because I am in the learning stages. I am taking the advice of a member here and just spend time every night watching market replay data without any indicators but volume, trying to see what price does (and also looking for patterns like butterflies and wolfe waves, which is just plain fun for me). No sim trades, just watching. I just happened to see the "crash" on my lunch break at work and thought I'd ask the experienced traders here what they think happened. Regards, Bert
  9. Hi, folks, Market analysis seems to be the appropriate forum for this. My question to all of you: what happened today at 1:45pm ET that caused the market to crash? At 1pm ET there were two reports on the calendar: 3- and 6-month bill reports, but the crash started around 1:40-1:45. I didn't see any volume spikes like I see sometimes before a big move. How can all markets crash like that at the same time? Thank you, Bert
  10. OK, waveslider, I just finished this thread. Thanks again for starting it. I really enjoyed it and will be looking for WWs and hopefully finding some. I don't know if this is possible, but maybe you can write down the basics (or even do a video) and you as the thread starter may be able to edit your first post to where I and others can always go to to refresh our memory on the main things to look for in a WW. If you can't edit the first post, a mod should be able to. For example, these are things I picked up from this thread: - the 1-3-5 and 2-4 are ideally horizontal or close to. - in a bullish WW, point 3 is ideally lower than point 1, (which sort of negates the above - lol) and vice-versa. - point 5 ideally breaks through the 1-3 line. - point one is part of a range. - symmetry - point 4 should revisit the range of 1-2 (this I picked up from here) - there is another point I can't remember exactly. Point 2 needs to be a (relatively) new hi/low. ?? Also, volume-related (copy and paste from Duzzntmttr, which you seemed to agree with) things to look for: 1. Point 1 should be the lowest volume of all points. 2. point 2 will have the highest volume. 3. Point 3 's volume will be higher than 1 but less than 2 4. 5. Point 5 's volume will also be higher than average. Also a few charts of "picture-perfect" WWs would be nice in the first post. Ok, now some questions of mine: 1. I am having a hard time figuring out where to place point 1. How far to the left do I need to llok to see if we are in a range? 2. You said earlier: "It really only works in a consolidation phase of the market. I believe point one is supposed to be the first pivot in the range, then point 2 is an attempt at a new high/low, which would fail (confirming range), then point 3 is a low below point 1 which also fails..." So point 1 should be the beginning of the range? Am I also understanding correctly that most of the time the pattern will go in the direction of the trend (trend which was in place before the range started)? 3. You said : "5 and 2 are where to watch for big volume. " Does that mean we want big volume at 2 and 5? Thank you very much, Bert
  11. Hi, I'm only at post 80 in this thread, but just wanted to thank waveslider and Taz and all other contributors. I am really enjoying this thread. Taz, it's SO helpful to me when the comments are typed in on the chart, like in the chart below, which you posted. Thanks. Regards, Bert
  12. Gary, Can you tell me how/where you saw strength (post 1129 in this thread, and I also posted your chart again)? I would have been afraid to go long in a downtrend. I am also glad you learned a lot from the VSA lectures and got your money back already. Thank you, Bert
  13. Of course it's not a true WW. It's not posted by Bill Wolfe or one of his privately-taught students. Ok, sorry to butt in on this thread. The above is obviously said tongue-in-cheek. I went to his website. Talk about sales pitch. Oh, my!! Unless you take his $3000 course, you won't be able to draw a WW correctly. He says 99.99 percent of the "secrets" are held back until you take the course. Anyway, I hope you guys are making money trading today. Regards, Bert edit: btw, waveslider, thanks for starting this thread. Intriguing.
  14. nams, I assume you use 14, 6 for CCI. What settings do you use for RSI? Thanks, Bert
  15. Tawe, Are you saying you entered on the 11:25 bar before it completed? Can you please explain how you saw the 11:25 bar as a weak bar? I see a range, and yes, the 11:25 bar is sitting on the trendline, with volume declining in the last 4 bars. It's a down with the range really small, the volume is really low and the close is off the lows close to the middle. In my very limited VSA knowledge, I woudn't have entered on the 11:25 to go short. Please help me understand why you went short there. Thanks, Bert
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