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View Poll Results: What most describes you after your trading day is over?
I feel euphoric, like I could take on the world if I win that day. 10 24.39%
I feel like trading was the wrong career decision if I lose that day. 5 12.20%
I feel sad and lonely. 1 2.44%
My back and aches and I feel like I am aging. 0 0%
I want to exercise or do Martial Arts to get the blood flowing? 5 12.20%
I am so drained physically and/or mentally I want to collapse 9 21.95%
I feel suicidal or rage if I lose, and too wound up to sleep if I win. 3 7.32%
I feel like I'm spaced out and cannot focus after trading stops. 3 7.32%
I feel so lucky to be trading regardless if I win or lose. 16 39.02%
None of the above. I will write about it in the thread. 3 7.32%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 41. This poll is closed

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Re:Not one person checked off back hurting,yet.....

I cant believe in my poll, not one person will admit that their back hurts after sitting in a chair all day? I should have checked that one off myself. Plus when you have a really bad day where you lost every trade, AND all the trades you held overnight went south...tell me you dont feel like you turned into an old man in one day? But no one checked that box. LOL

I guess you guys are all triathlon athletes here then, or body builders. -)
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Re: How Do You Feel After the Trading Day is Over?

Originally Posted by Vince50 »
Penny bags, Im stunned. If trading is a big part of your life, how can your bad days not be from the thing that is so important to you....trading!!!!? Unless your choice of relationships are sooo bad you cant think of anything else, LOL I admit I never heard an answer like yours. Is that good or bad? Elaborate a bit if you dont mind....
My bad days are not all that bad anymore. Even on a day where I'm not trading well I manage to drag off something or finish flat (ish)… no real damage done. It wasn't always that way and I'm not so far removed that I can't easily recall the pain.

Finishing (beginning) emotionally flat on the day is a good skill to learn. It may just be my personality, but I know that after a large day, I'm going to be looking for follow through on the next day. Likewise; or possibly just the opposite, on a "bad" day I'm going to follow on the next day looking to make up lost ground. There are some aspects of "good" and "bad" fortune that forms any trading day… it's not all you… so, get over yourself. I try not to put too much emphasis on the day-to-day efforts, but more emphasis on the longer term results.

Trading is a large part of my life… my previous career was as well. When working for a salary, you can have a bad day and still come away with a paycheck (one of the best things about having an employer). Trading is no different… you're going to turn in a bad performance once in a while… you pay. Not understanding the game or getting bent out of shape over a bad day seems unrealistic to me. Soak your head… throw stuff… break stuff… go work out… get over it. My method is to pour a double scotch… then sip and slip out of the day… but I do that on the good days too (ha).
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Re: How Do You Feel After the Trading Day is Over?

If i've gain many profit from trade,,It will be more happy and very relax..
I can breath and nothing that should be thanked,,,
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