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Re: Topsteptrader

I joined TST back in November 2012. This is the best way to learn to be a trader as their rules offer you structure. If you cannot follow their rules, you won't be able to follow your own, if you even have any. Its the best thing to happen to me after taking the Intuitive Development for Traders (IDT) program offered by Ray Burchett.

For those who don't know who Ray is.


To say the 30k combine with a $500 daily loss limit and a $1500 draw down is too restrictive, I beg to differ. I'm doing just fine refining my trade plan currently trading the NQ with an 8 tick stop loss with 3 lots.

The 30k will teach you downside risk management and be more selective with your trades. The profit objective is only $1500 so its very obtainable.

Feel from to come by on free for all fridays and chat with all the members.

You;ll find me in the lounge when I am done trading at sam007.

TST is a great way to learn whether you are new to trading or have blown out many accounts. I am the latter. Its the cheapest way to learn if you treat the practice account as if it were a live account.

There is no short cut in learning, you have to put in the time as there is no holy grail or special indicator to tell you when, where and how to enter the markets and the same is true for your exit.

It all starts with yourself and whats between your ears.

If you can't trade small, you can't trade large. Just learn the fundamentals and the profits and size will come with time. "delayed gratification" as Nebraska says all the time to us.
Life is a comedy for those who think and a tragedy for those who feel.Horace Walpole Doubt all before you believe anything!Sir Francis Bacon

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