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    Trying to keep my trading journal.

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    Dorman, Oanda

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  1. Hi Dun, Re. Cotton, I don't see the extremes in the net positions, as they are getting near to zero. By "relative cot extreme" , do you mean the cot index ? Thanks
  2. Make sure your stop is in place, things happen...
  3. Explanation / reason of last night move, any one?
  4. Predictions ... One of the major dangers of prediction is that the ego gets involved and the analyst finds it difficult to admit he/she may be wrong, even in the presence of considerable evidence to the contrary. Being wrong in our predictions is something that few of us can tolerate very well! This is especially true when we have made public forecasts and have used considerable persuasion to get others to believe in our predictions. It is always just a matter of “you wait and see – I’ll be right soon enough” W. Clay Allen, CFA
  5. Cos the trend is his friend till the end when it'll bend
  6. I will be closely monitoring the Head & Shoulders I see on my tick chart, with target 1270 if neck broken. December futures contract.
  7. Oh! You mean I cannot trade well with only this volume profile that is on my charts? I thought volume is of more weight that time in assessing the direction of an instrument.
  8. Great job, Sir, and nice software. What is that? How do you decide which to follow when there is a great divergence between the mode and the poc ? Cheers!
  9. "Other investors are convinced that they can predict the future, and I believe that's where our profits come from" John W. Henry
  10. Never mind the resident Little pretender, he forgot to put stop loss...
  11. "Anything I have ever done that ultimately was worthwhile, initially scared me to death". Betty Bender Any trade...
  12. Anyone know what might be the best gold (inverse) correlation for the now ? USD? CHF? AUD? SP500? BONDS/RATES ? OIL?
  13. You are right, Bob, the stop looks too short. But on my chart at that time, the previous low was that near. Take a look. Cheers.
  14. Limit buy @ 1365 stop @ 1363 profit @ 1375
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